2013 Personal Progress Calendar: It’s Here!

You can find the 2016 Personal Progress Calendar here.

Yes! My 2013 Personal Progress Calendar is done and ready for you! Woo hoo! Each calendar has an adorable cover, calendar pages for each month and monthly goal pages PLUS four extra pages: Plans for 2013, Scriptures, Year in Review and Testimony.

Continue reading “2013 Personal Progress Calendar: It’s Here!”

Young Women in Excellence: Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness?

We’re gearing up for our ward’s Young Women in Excellence and I thought I’d share with you what we’re doing and some coordinating printables I’ve created. Our theme this year is “Whooo is ready to stand for truth and righteousness?” and we’re using owls to tie it all together.  Our fabulous YW President, Shauna, got the idea from a friend and we’re giving it our own spin. This idea and my printables are easily adaptable to New Beginnings, Girls Camp and other Young Women activities as well as for Activity Days recognition events. Continue reading “Young Women in Excellence: Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness?”

2013 Mutual Theme Logos: Stand Ye in Holy Places

I’m so excited to present to you my 2013 Mutual Theme logos!

When I read this year’s theme, I wanted to create something graphic with references to the temple. Taking inspiration from all the chalkboard art I’ve seen popping up everywhere, I designed my logos with bold lines and interesting fonts. Use these logos for mutual newsletters, t-shirts, posters, invitations, flyers, handouts and more–anything requiring a logo! Continue reading “2013 Mutual Theme Logos: Stand Ye in Holy Places”

As Bright As Your Faith Tags

Our wonderful Young Women’s President, Shauna, and our fabulous YW Secretary, Ashley, asked me to help them create some gifts for the Laurels in our ward who are graduating from high school.  Shauna and Ashley put together some adorable candy-filled light bulb candy jars from Hobby Lobby and wanted to attach tags with the following quote from Presiden Thomas S. Monson:

Your future is as bright as your faith.

I created some two-by-four-inch tags with the quotation in subway-art style with a bright yellow gradated background. I think they came out great and work perfectly with Shauna and Ashley’s gift. Continue reading “As Bright As Your Faith Tags”

More Arise and Shine Forth Fabric!

I’ve got another 2012 Mutual Theme custom fabric for you!  My Arise and Shine Forth custom fabric pillow fronts were so popular that I’ve got another Arise and Shine Forth fabric print available in my Spoonflower shop.

This time, I’ve created an all-over chandelier print featuring the 2012 theme on a pretty pink damask background.  Use this fabric to make this year memorable for all of your girls!  Why not use this fabric to:

Spoonflower fabrics are fabulous! They’re just like the printed fabrics you get at the store:  colorfast and high-quality.   Ordering is easy and they have great customer service as well.  Read my previous post on mini pillows for more Spoonflower details.

I’d love to see what you do with my fabrics!  Drop me a line–click Contact above to send me an email!

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2012 Personal Progress Calendar: Blank Goal Pages

You can find the 2016 Personal Progress Calendar here.

One wonderful reader of this blog asked for a way to customize the monthly goal pages in my 2012 Personal Progress Calendar project. In case you missed the post, here is a picture of the finished project:

It is six-by-six-inches in size and features  monthly calendar pages, monthly goal pages, a planning for 2012 page, a favorite scripture page and two year in review pages.  It can stand on a dresser or hang in a locker or on a wall. You could even print out each page to give to your girls each month.  You can find out how to put the calendar together by reading the instructions in the download at the end of this post.

In order to make this calendar more customizable, here’s what I came up with for you:

  • A customizable, interactive .pdf file featuring fields you can fill in with your own monthly value, scripture, quote and Personal Progress goal on the monthly goal pages!
  • Blank monthly goal page files in .jpeg format for editing in your own word-processing or graphic-editing software (Word, Photoshop, etc.).

I’ve included everything you need in one big zip file for you to download! Remember, you will need to unzip the download before you can use it.  Also, to use the .pdf files, you will need Adobe Reader, which is free from Adobe. com and already installed on most computers.

In the zip you will find:

  • An interactive .pdf of the 2012 Personal Progress Calendar with project instructions and blank fields for you to fill in (NOTE:  The pages to print are after the project instructions.)
  • A .pdf with instructions for filling out the interactive file
  • The original 2012 Personal Progress Calendar .pdf file with project instructions and pages to print
  • A folder with blank monthly goal pages and plans for 2012/year in review 2012 pages in .jpeg format
  • A folder with monthly calendar pages in .jpeg format
  • A folder with monthly goal pages and plans for 2012/year in review 2012 pages with my suggested values, scriptures, quotes and Personal Progress goals

***IMPORTANT NOTE:  You CAN NOT save your information in the interactive .pdf file.  Because if this, I suggest you fill in a month at a time and then print out that month.  You can always copy your print out to make multiple copies.

This project was so fun for our girls to put together a few weeks ago.  They had a great time cutting out their pages and assembling the calendars while socializing together.  I hope your Young Women enjoy it as much as they did!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Remember, all of my files are for noncommercial personal or Church use only!

Please do not share them in any way!  Send your friends here to download their own.

You can download my 2012 Personal Progress Calendar: Blank Goal Pages  file here.

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Arise and Shine Forth: Mini Pillows with Custom-Printed Fabric Fronts

I have been working on this project for quite some time and am sooo excited to finally share it with you!  Last summer for Girls Camp, our leaders designed a fun project for the girls to do in their spare time:  stuffing pillows!  To prepare the pillows, we had our camp theme printed on some custom-designed fabric.  Then a generous sister in the ward sewed the six-by-six-inch pillows, leaving an opening for stuffing.  Up at camp, the girls got to stuff and sew closed their own special camp mini-pillow.

Inspired by how successful the pillows were for our girls, I designed custom-printed fabric pillow fronts featuring my Arise and Shine Forth 2012 Mutual Theme chandelier logo for you to use!  You can easily order my design pre-printed on fabric from Spoonflower.com–no trying to print and iron on a design with less-than-stellar results!

Each eight-by-eight-inch pillow front features the chandelier and full scripture for the Mutual theme.  You can select either striped or damask backgrounds.

When you order your fabric, you’ll notice I’ve added cutting lines right into the design, so you won’t need to measure at all–just cut on the lines.  Better yet, layer the pillow-top fabric on top of purchased black cotton for the pillow backs and cut out both together! I’ve also allowed for a 1/2-inch seam allowance on each side of the pillow front.

Make these mini pillows for your girls to put on their beds to remind them to pray and “Arise and Shine Forth” in the morning!

Since each pillow front is eight-by-eight-inches square, and each yard of printed fabric is 42-by-36-inches, you get sixteen pillow fronts per yard.  At a cost of $18 (US) per yard for the quilting cotton, that makes the cost for each pillow front  $1.13 (US)!  Add in the cost for black broadcloth/quilting cotton for the backs and poly fiberfill for the stuffing and you have a great gift or craft project for about $2 (US) per girl!  You may also have ward members with extra fabric and stuffing they could donate so you don’t have to buy anything but the pillow fronts.

If you need just one pillow front, order a sample for $5 (US) plus $1 shipping and you will get one eight-by-eight-inch pillow front.  Fat quarters are also available.

I have more Arise and Shine Forth fabric designs in the works at Spoonflower.com and will release them as soon as I’ve proofed the final prints.  They are all-over prints with the chandelier logo or just chandeliers.  These prints will work perfectly for pillow backs, or you could combine them with the pillow fronts to make quilts, tote bags, aprons or bandanas.   You may want to frame a pillow front for a fast and easy gift.  Girls could use my fabric designs to make gifts for Stake leaders, Bishops, camp Secret Sisters or as a Value Project.

To make my finished pillow, I used my custom-designed pillow front fabric and a piece of a black fabric remnant for the back plus about 1/4 a yard of inexpensive (about $1 (US) per yard) blue tulle for the ruffle around the edge.  I also added some black beaded trim(about 3/4 of a yard) I got at the craft store. This quick project took me just over an hour to sew, stuff and sew closed.

Spoonflower.com prints on high-quality fabrics which are washable and colorfast, just like the printed fabrics in the store. Plus, at Spoonflower.com, you can order fabrics in several types:  Kona cotton, quilting-weight cotton, cotton poplin, cotton voile, cotton silk, linen-cotton canvas, organic cotton interlock knit, organic cotton sateen, upholstery-weight cotton twill and silk crepe de chine.  Check out this page here for more information on fabric options.

Here’s how to order my Arise and Shine Forth Mini Pillow Fronts fabric:

  • Go to Spoonflower.com and search for “Arise and Shine Forth” in the search box OR
  • Visit my Spoonflower.com shop OR
  • Click here to go to the damask background pillow front fabric page OR
  • Click here to go to the striped background pillow front fabric page
  • Select the desired fabric you want the design printed on.  I used quilting cotton ($18/yard–16 pillow fronts per yard)
  • Calculate the yardage you will need and select the amount you need to order in the “sizes” area.
  • Once you’re sure about your order, click “Add to Cart.”
  • Complete your order.

Note:  One test swatch will give you one pillow front.

If you have any questions about Spoonflower.com fabrics, shipping times and prices or ordering, check out their help page here.  I’ve been impressed with their quality and customer service.

I am so excited to share this fun project with you!  If you decide to make something using my pillow fronts, please be sure to share your project in the comments!

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2012 LDS Young Women’s Personal Progress Calendar

You can find the 2016 Personal Progress Calendar here.

Here is a great project to do for a YW activity that will inspire your Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels the whole year through:  a 2012 Personal Progress calendar!  We made these at a recent Young Women’s Personal Progress activity and I thought I would share this inexpensive project with you.

Encourage your Young Women to work on their Personal Progress every month of the year.  This six-by-six-inch calendar fits perfectly in a locker, on a desk or dressor or hanging next to a mirror.

It can easily stand up on its own and be placed on a nightstand, desk or dresser to be in full view every day.

Designed to resemble social media, the calendar features interactive elements including a plan-for-the-year journaling page, Personal Progress goal suggestions, favorite scripture page, monthly personal goal areas and a year-in-review evaluation page plus a testimony page. Every month includes a value suggestion, an inspiring quote, suggested Personal Progress goal and a scripture.  If you want to add your own values, quotes, Personal Progress goals and scriptures on the monthly goal pages, check out this post.

Personalize each calendar with optional scrapbooking embellishments, ribbons and buttons and use your choice of papers and cardstock for further customization.

I’ve included step-by-step instructions as well as printable calendar pages in a .pdf file, which you can download by clicking here. It will need to be unzipped before you can use it.

If you want to customize the monthly goal pages, read this post.

NOTE:  The instructions are at the beginning of the .pdf file, the printable pages are at the end. It is a large file and may take a little while to download.

I used one of my favorite new tools, a Zutter Bind-It-All, to put together my calendars, but you can bind yours with a Cerlox, staples, rings or any other binding method.  Or, you can print the calendar pages and hand them out each month to your girls.

Remember, this project is for noncommercial, personal or Church use only.  Don’t share my file with others in any way, simply send them here to download their own copy.

Thank you!

And keep an eye out here for more great projects–the next one I have for you is amazing!  Your girls will love it!

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Arise and Shine Forth Program (Cover & Inside): Interactive .pdf for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, etc.

Here’s another reader request: an Arise and Shine Forth program cover and inside for you!  I’ve created for you an interactive .pdf document which means you can add all your program information right in Adobe Reader!  And, all of your text will be in Euphorigenic, the font I’ve used for my logo.

Page one of the .pdf has a text field where you can enter the title of the meeting (New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, etc.) as well as your ward name.  The back features the 2012 Mutual Theme scripture.

Arise and Shine Forth Program (outside)

Page two of the .pdf (the inside of the program) has the chandelier logo as well as a text field where you can add the meeting title, your ward name and the date.  The second field is ready for you to add your speakers, prayers and other program information. Finally, I’ve added a third field inside the front cover where you can add announcements, song words or anything else you want!

Arise and Shine Forth Program (inside)

Once you’ve added your meeting details, print out page one.  Then, re-insert the paper in your printer and print out page two.  After you fold the printed programs, they’re ready to go!  So easy!

If you don’t have the FREE Adobe Reader program, download it from Adobe.com.  I’ve also included high-quality .jpeg files of the inside and outside, so you can totally customize the program to fit your needs.

I have some great new projects coming soon, so be sure to “like” Hang a Ribbon on the Moon on Facebook or become a follower of this blog.

Download my 2012 Arise and Shine Forth program .zip file here.

You will need to unzip it after downloading in order to use the files.

Remember, all of my files are for non-commercial, personal or Church use only!

DO NOT SHARE my files!  Send your friends here to download their own copies!

Thanks so much for visiting Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.

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New Beginnings 2012 Mutual Theme Ideas

I’ve had some questions about how we are going to apply my chandelier idea to this year’s Mutual Theme and to New Beginnings.

Briefly, here’s the idea behind my logos for this year’s theme:

  • When I saw this theme, I thought of lights and this triggered thoughts about the chandeliers in the temple–I love them! Chandeliers are full of light and beauty. It is amazing how the light from a simple light bulb can be turned into a celestial light source with the addition of crystals.  I think this relates to this year’s Mutual theme in this way:  Just like the crystals on a chandelier, if we shine our lights of testimony (following our baptismal covenants, missionary work, scripture reading, being an example), talents (of all kinds/personality traits,etc), attitude (endurance, faith, smiling, etc.) and love (service, caring for our fellowman, following Christ’s example, forgiving others), Heavenly Father can take our small efforts and make them glorious.  In addition, every crystal is beautiful on its own, is valued, and is given a purpose.  Similarly, each of us is loved by Heavenly Father, given specific gifts, life situations and a mission to accomplish.  We should strive to find our purpose and talents and then work to emulate the light of Jesus Christ.  When a group of crystals (or Church members, young women, etc.) are unified to create a chandelier (like a class of YW), their good and beauty is amplified, surely for the whole world to see!  This especially true when each girl uses her unique God-given gifts as He would have her do to bless others.

I also wanted to point you towards a wonderful song based on the 2012 theme:  “Arise and Shine Forth” by Jenny Phillips from her “Arise and Shine Forth” album.  You can purchase a download of the sheet music for a very, very small fee and then make as many copies as you need for personal or Church use.  We’re having all of our girls (nearly 50 of them!) sing it for New Beginnings and it sounds amazing!

Jenny also sells a beautiful CD full of music inspired by the theme and if you sign up for Jenny’s email list, you can get access to all of her free goodies, including a FREE download of a script you can use for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence.

Thanks for you support and for visiting my blog!