Arise and Shine Forth: Posters

I want to express my thanks to Melanie at for posting my 2012 Arise and Shine Forth word art and welcome all of you who found my blog from there as well as all of you who found me through Facebook.  Thanks for showing such kind interest in my work!

Here is the next in my series of Arise and Shine Forth designs:  Posters.  I’ve created them in four sizes:

8-by-10 inches:  For printing as binder cover sheets or to put in an 8-by-10-inch frame.

8-by-10.5 inches:  Also for binder covers and for printing on home printers, but not uploading as a photo.

11-by-17 inches:  Large enough for a table display.

16-by-20 inches:  The perfect size for putting on a floor easel.

They are all saved as high-quality .jpeg files and  ready-to-print.  Upload the 8-by-10, 11-by-17 and 16-by-20-inch posters to or another photo processor for inexpensive yet professional-looking posters.  When uploading to Costco, make sure you don’t use their fast upload option–you will have a really poor-quality result–go with the full-resolution option instead.  You’ll love the quality of a photo print.  I do!

If you like these posters, but want them in a different color, I’ve also got them in pink, green and yellow–check out this post to download them.

I have also saved the 8-by-10.5-inch poster as a .pdf file–perfect for printing on your home computer.  For best results, I always recommend using photo paper and your printer’s highest-quality setting when printing at home.

You can download the original blue poster files here.

You will need to unzip them before you can use them.

As always, please don’t share these files with your friends. 

Send them to this blog to download their own.

These designs are for non-commercial, personal or Church only.

Thanks again for all of your kind support!  Enjoy!

P.S.  More great designs are coming!

24 thoughts on “Arise and Shine Forth: Posters

    1. Jeni,
      I’m so glad you like them 🙂 You will need to download the .jpeg files and then upload one of those. The .pdf format is for printing at home. I hope this helps. Let me know 🙂

  1. Thanks for your great posters, I am from Australia and can’t wait to get one printed. I can’t see the 16 x 20 poster in the downloads and was wondering if I’m missing something or if it wasn’t included? Thanks for your help

      1. Yay, thank you so much!! I am also using and editing your beautiful calendars. I am in love with the whole chandelier imagery…you’re wonderful!!

  2. I would like to print the 8×10 size posters as canvasses and giving them to the girls on their birthdays. Is there any chance you would post the 8×10 posters in different colours like the calendars (in yellow, pink and green too)? If you could that would be fantastic!!

    1. What a great idea! Sure, I can add different backgrounds to the posters. I have a few other projects I need to finish first, but will add it to the list.

      1. Ooooh thank you so much. I am having the canvasses done up this week!! The girls will love them!!

  3. Love the poster. I was wanting to print off an 11×17 size, but it doesn’t show up in the downloads. Am I missing something? Thanks for sharing.

    1. No, you’re not missing something, I am! I forgot to include it in the download. It’s all fixed now, so go ahead and download the posters again. Sorry about my mistake 🙂

  4. You are amazing! Love the posters.
    I was wondering if I could use an 8×10 to write my monthly newsletter/calendar on it. I like to put my monthly calendar with the listed activities on the bulletin board which is on the hallway.
    Any suggestions?


    1. Paula,
      That is a great idea! I think you could easily do that by using a word-processing program to add your announcements to the poster. Just import the .jpeg file in as an image. Then create a text box and add your announcements/activities. I would position them so they are justified on the right side of the poster in the blue area, but you could do it wherever you think it looks good.

  5. Is there any way to get the 16 x 20 size without the words on it? We are thinking of putting the new Beehives pictures on these to display during New Beginnings. Your stuff is AWESOME!

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