Arise & Shine Forth Digital Scrapbook Kit {FREE!}

I am so excited to share my latest project with you: an Arise & Shine Forth digital scrapbooking kit! If you’re a digital scrapbooker, you know just how versatile a collection of digital papers and elements is for creating custom projects. And, if you’ve never tried digital scrapbooking, this 2012 Mutual theme-inspired kit is a great way to start! Simply download and unzip the Arise & Shine Forth kit files. Once you unzip the kit downloads, you’ll see that I’ve packed this collection with lots of papers and elements (think of each of them as a piece of clip-art) which you can use to make your own invitations, flyers, handouts and scrapbook pages. Continue reading “Arise & Shine Forth Digital Scrapbook Kit {FREE!}”

As Bright As Your Faith Tags

Our wonderful Young Women’s President, Shauna, and our fabulous YW Secretary, Ashley, asked me to help them create some gifts for the Laurels in our ward who are graduating from high school.  Shauna and Ashley put together some adorable candy-filled light bulb candy jars from Hobby Lobby and wanted to attach tags with the following quote from Presiden Thomas S. Monson:

Your future is as bright as your faith.

I created some two-by-four-inch tags with the quotation in subway-art style with a bright yellow gradated background. I think they came out great and work perfectly with Shauna and Ashley’s gift. Continue reading “As Bright As Your Faith Tags”

2102 Mutual Theme CD/DVD Folders and Jewel Case Inserts

A wonderful reader of this blog requested something with my 2012 Mutual Theme logo that she  could use with a CD of special music she wanted to give to the Young Women in her Stake.  I made two options for her. Use either one to add a special touch to a music CD for a YW birthday gift, lesson handout or Young Women in Excellence favor.  Or, use them with a YW year-in-review or Girls Camp DVD!

Continue reading “2102 Mutual Theme CD/DVD Folders and Jewel Case Inserts”

Arise and Shine Forth: 2012 Mutual Theme Young Men’s Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

One of my fabulous Facebook followers requested an Arise and Shine Forth 2012 Mutual Theme candy bar wrapper suitable for the Young Men in her ward.  I loved this idea and have created another printable 1.55-ounce Hershey’s Bar wrapper for you.

It features a whole new 2012 Mutual Theme logo with a retro design feel and more masculine colors than my 2012 Mutual Theme wrapper for Young Women.  I’ve added some Young Men’s program touches to the back of the wrapper including the full 2012 Mutual Theme scripture, an ingredients list with scriptures from the Duty to God book and a “Nutrition Facts” box full of Duty to God references.

Designed to fit a Hershey’s 1.55-ounce candy bar and other similar-sized bars, this eye-catching wrapper will help motivate and reward the Young Men in your ward or stake.

Use this candy bar wrapper in conjunction with my YW candy-bar wrapper for Standards Nights, Mutual-theme firesides, combined YW/YM Mutual activities or Youth Conferences.  Or, give them to the Young Men in your ward for birthday gifts, Priesthood lessons and YM Mutual activity nights.  One of these candy bars would make a great prize for a scripture chase or other contest!

In my download, I’ve included two files.  The first is a .pdf of the candy-bar wrapper.  The second file is a high-quality 300-dpi .jpeg which is ready to print or edit in your software.  When you print out these wrappers, make sure you use the highest-quality setting on your printer for best results.

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You can download my 2012 Mutual Theme YM candy bar wrapper files here.

Remember, you will need to UNZIP the downloaded file before you can use it.

All of my files are for noncommercial personal or Church use only!

Please, don’t share my files in any way!  Send your friends here to download their own copies!

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New Beginnings 2012 Mutual Theme Ideas

I’ve had some questions about how we are going to apply my chandelier idea to this year’s Mutual Theme and to New Beginnings.

Briefly, here’s the idea behind my logos for this year’s theme:

  • When I saw this theme, I thought of lights and this triggered thoughts about the chandeliers in the temple–I love them! Chandeliers are full of light and beauty. It is amazing how the light from a simple light bulb can be turned into a celestial light source with the addition of crystals.  I think this relates to this year’s Mutual theme in this way:  Just like the crystals on a chandelier, if we shine our lights of testimony (following our baptismal covenants, missionary work, scripture reading, being an example), talents (of all kinds/personality traits,etc), attitude (endurance, faith, smiling, etc.) and love (service, caring for our fellowman, following Christ’s example, forgiving others), Heavenly Father can take our small efforts and make them glorious.  In addition, every crystal is beautiful on its own, is valued, and is given a purpose.  Similarly, each of us is loved by Heavenly Father, given specific gifts, life situations and a mission to accomplish.  We should strive to find our purpose and talents and then work to emulate the light of Jesus Christ.  When a group of crystals (or Church members, young women, etc.) are unified to create a chandelier (like a class of YW), their good and beauty is amplified, surely for the whole world to see!  This especially true when each girl uses her unique God-given gifts as He would have her do to bless others.

I also wanted to point you towards a wonderful song based on the 2012 theme:  “Arise and Shine Forth” by Jenny Phillips from her “Arise and Shine Forth” album.  You can purchase a download of the sheet music for a very, very small fee and then make as many copies as you need for personal or Church use.  We’re having all of our girls (nearly 50 of them!) sing it for New Beginnings and it sounds amazing!

Jenny also sells a beautiful CD full of music inspired by the theme and if you sign up for Jenny’s email list, you can get access to all of her free goodies, including a FREE download of a script you can use for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence.

Thanks for you support and for visiting my blog!

Chandelier Invites: Blank and with 2012 Mutual Theme–All in Four Colors

I received a comment from Heather asking if I could do my New Beginnings Invite in Portuguese or create one without the logo in English so she could do her invites in own in her language.  I was thrilled to do the invite in Portuguese for Heather AND to offer you some variations on the original.

I’ve redesigned my invites with additional backgrounds to the original blue:  pink, green and yellow, which compliment my 2012 Mutual Theme calendars.  Plus, I’ve provided you with a download of my invite in all four colors without the 2012 theme–they are totally without text! Now, you can use these invitations for a whole lot of other occasions:  Young Women in Excellence, Activity Days, Relief Society activities, wedding showers, birthday parties–any occasion you want to create a four-by-six-inch photo-print invite!

Here’s how to customize my blank invitations:

  1. Open the .jpeg file in photo-editing software (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc.)
  2. Add your text.  Note:  If you want to put something on the black area of the invite, be sure you change your text color to white.
  3. Save your file as a high-quality .jpeg file.
  4. Upload your file to your favorite online photo processor.  I prefer or  If you use Costco, DO NOT use their quick uploader.  Go with the high-resolution upload, which will take longer, for best printing results.
  5. Order your invitations as four-by-six-inch photo prints.  (So inexpensive!)

You will love the quality of a photo-print invitation and your guests will be impressed, too!

Remember, all of my downloads are for non-commerical personal or Church use, only!

Please, don’t share my files with others.  Simply send them here to download their own.

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Download my 4-by-6-inch invites WITH 2012 Mutual Theme here.

Download my 4-by-6-inch BLANK invites here.

Download my 4-by-6-inch New Beginnings invite in Portuguese here.

(Please let me know if I misspelled something.)

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Happy Birthday! Arise and Shine Forth Birthday Cards

To help the Young Women in our ward celebrate their birthdays this year, we’re giving them a handmade bracelet designed to fit with the Arise and Shine Forth Mutual theme. Each bracelet will be presented to the girls in a small gift bag with a custom-designed birthday card slipped inside.  Our YW president asked me to make the cards using my 2012 Mutual theme logos and I thought I would share them with you.

The cards measure 3 3/4-by-2 1/2-inches when folded and have the chandelier logo on the front and the full 2012 Mutual theme scripture on the back.  My .pdf file lets you print four cards per page.

You can add your own greeting or message on the inside of the cards after you print and cut them out, OR, you can print one of two messages I’ve included in the .pdf inside.

If you choose to use one of my greetings, you will need to print on the back of your printed sheet of cards.

Here’s how:

  1. Print out the page of the .pdf with the outsides of the cards on it (page 2). (Make sure you ONLY print page 2.  Click on the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar.  Check the circle next to pages and enter the number 2 in the box under print range in the print dialog pop-up.)
  2. Re-insert the printed pages back into your printer, making sure that the blank side will be printed on.  (You may need to do a few test prints to figure out how to put the paper back in so that the inside messages are printed in the right places on the right side of the paper.  I always do this using the lowest-quality setting so that I don’t waste ink.)
  3. Once you’ve re-inserted the pages, print the page of the .pdf with your chosen message. (Page 3 has the “Keep on Shining!” message; Page 4 has the “We love you!” message.) Click on the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar. Check the circle next to pages and enter the page number you want to print in the box under print range in the print dialog pop-up.
  4. Cut and fold the cards.

What are you giving your Young Women this year for their birthdays?  We all need ideas, so please leave a comment and/or link!

You can download my birthday card file here.

You will need to unzip the download before you can use it.

Please do not share my files.

Simply direct your friends here to download their own copy.

All downloads are for non-commercial, personal or Church only.  If you have questions about how my files can be used, please click on the “Terms of Use” tab above or contact me.

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Another Request, Another Arise and Shine Forth Printable for You: 1.55-ounce Candy Bar Wrapper

A wonderful reader asked for a candy-bar wrapper to fit the standard (1.55-ounce) Hershey’s Chocolate bar–and so I put one together for her.  I’m excited to share it with you, too!  This wrapper is perfect to give to your girls for New Beginnings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gifts, Young Women in Excellence, gift baskets or just because and fits the budget-friendly 1.55-ounce Hershey’s Bar.

The front features my Arise and Shine Forth chandelier logo and the back has the full 2012 Mutual theme as well as an “ingredients list,” a “nutrition facts” box and a “bar code” all enhanced with YW details, scriptures and values.

I’ve saved my files for you in a handy .pdf and as a high-quality .jpeg. I’d love to hear how you use these–just leave a comment!

I have some great projects in the works, so check back here often or follow my blog by entering your email address in the box on the right. Then, whenever I post a new project or article, you will receive an email all about it.  Don’t worry.  I will NEVER sell or give your email address to anyone.  EVER.

You can download my Arise and Shine Forth 1.55-ounce candy-bar wrapper here.

You will need to unzip the download before using it.

Please do not share my files! 

Send your friends here to my blog to download their own copies.

All downloads are for non-commercial personal or Church use only.

Arise and Shine Forth Posters: Pink, Green and Yellow

My next download for you is another reader request.  She asked for the posters to be done with the pink, green and yellow backgrounds that I used for the calendars so she can put them on eight-by-ten-inch canvases as gifts for her girls.  What a great idea!  Not only did I redo the eight-by-ten-inch posters with the new backgrounds, I also did the 8-by-10.5-inch, 11-by-17-inch and 16-by-20-inch posters, too!  In each download, you’ll get high-quality .jpegs of the 8-by-10, 8-by-10.5, 11-by-17 and 16-by-20 -inch files as well as a .pdf of the 8-by-10.5-inch file which is perfect for binder covers!

**NOTE:  Even though the previews don’t mention the .pdf file, it IS included in the download.

Remember, all my files are for non-commercial, personal or Church use only.

Don’t share my files. I’d love to have more visitors to my blog, so PLEASE direct your friends here to download their own.  Thanks!

Download the PINK files here.

Download the GREEN files here.

Download the YELLOW files here.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

As You Wish: Arise and Shine Forth Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

One of my wonderful blog visitors requested some candy bar wrappers to fit Hershey’s Miniatures.  What a great idea!  And so, here you go:

The download includes a .jpeg of an individual miniature candy bar wrapper as well as a .pdf of a full page of miniature candy bar wrappers, fifteen in all.

You can download the files here.

(Don’t forget, you will need to unzip the download before you can use it.)

And, as always, please don’t share my files with others. 

Simply send them here to download their own copies.

All files are for non-commercial, personal and Church use only.

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