YW 2013 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrapper for 6.8-ounce Symphony & Hershey’s Bars

YW 2013 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrapper for 6.8 oz. (Giant) Symphony & Hershey's bars. Free download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. Perfect for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Girls Camp, handouts, birthday gifts and lessons.Here is a much-requested 2013 Mutual Theme printable for you! It is a candy bar wrapper for the 6.8-ounce Symphony and Hershey’s bars. These are the large ones that are labeled giant. It has all the same features of my other candy bar wrappers: the 2103 Mutual Theme, a scripture-filled ingredients list, Stand as a Witness 24-7 barcode and a nutrition facts box filled with Young Women’s Personal Progress Values.

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As Bright As Your Faith Tags

Our wonderful Young Women’s President, Shauna, and our fabulous YW Secretary, Ashley, asked me to help them create some gifts for the Laurels in our ward who are graduating from high school.  Shauna and Ashley put together some adorable candy-filled light bulb candy jars from Hobby Lobby and wanted to attach tags with the following quote from Presiden Thomas S. Monson:

Your future is as bright as your faith.

I created some two-by-four-inch tags with the quotation in subway-art style with a bright yellow gradated background. I think they came out great and work perfectly with Shauna and Ashley’s gift. Continue reading “As Bright As Your Faith Tags”