Be the Light: Notebooks Free Download [Contest + Discounts]

Here’s another free download for you! This time, I’ve got a fun Be the Light Notebook project for you.

One of the inside pages of the Be the Light Notebook.
One of the inside pages of the Be the Light Notebook.

It coordinates with my Be the Light printables available in my Etsy Shop and would make a fun gift for Young Women or Activity Days girls. Or, assemble them at a Mutual/Activity Days event. And in celebration of the grand opening of my shop, I’ve got some great prizes for you to win, too!

The link to download this project is at the end of this post.

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And, since I am celebrating the grand opening of my new Etsy shop, I have a boatload of prizes for you, my wonderful blog readers. Enter to win now!

Here’s what you could win:

You can enter to win here

You can enter ONCE A DAY to win! (However, duplicate same-day entries will be disqualified.) Contest ends July 15, 2016 and winners will be notified by email.

Also included in today’s download are some coupon codes for you, too! You’ll get:

  • 10% Off Coupon Code for purchases in my Etsy Shop
  • $5 Off Coupon Code for purchase of wolf or fox zPalz (my 13-year-old daughter’s product design and business idea)

Meet zPalz

Some of the prizes in my contest are zPalz, which were created by my thirteen-year-old daughter, Jane. She and my husband recently set up a company to sell them. Don’t know what zPalz are? They’re portable battery chargers inside some adorable stuffed animals. Here’s the story behind Jane’s idea:

It all started when Jane, then twelve-years-old, started using a cell phone.  After a day of texting friends, watching Studio C, and playing games, her phone had almost no charge left in it.  My husband offered her his portable battery charging bank, but she refused to take it with her because it was too ugly, however, she insisted she would if it was more of a toy and cute.  The idea for zPalz was born! Together, my husband and daughter picked some animal ideas and finally arrived at a product design she approved.

The first two production designs are a fox and a wolf.  The fox was Jane’s request and the wolf was designed for our local high school to sell for their annual charity drive. Jane and my husband have also designed three other animals (a beaver, a panda and a raccoon) for future production.

They came up with the slogan, “Power Your Cute.” Here’s how zPalz work:

The zPalz are perfect for travel since they are only five inches tall, but they carry a lot of charge because they have a 5200 mAh 2.0 amp rechargeable battery power bank inside.

You can find an unbiased review from Utah Sweet Savings here.

You can purchase zPalz on Amazon:

My daughter and husband have generously donated two zPalz as prizes for my grand opening celebration. Enter the contest! Plus, they have also given ALL of you a $5 off coupon code for purchasing zPalz on Amazon!$5 Off zPalz

The coupon code above and a 10% off coupon to my Etsy Shop are also included in today’s download.

Be the Light Notebooks

And, now for today’s free download! (Link at the end of this post.) These Be the Light Notebooks coordinate perfectly with my other Be the Light printables. Use them to inspire your young women:

  • Give them as birthday or Christmas gifts
  • Assemble them at a YW Mutual activity
  • Leave them as pillow treats at girls camp
  • Present them as handouts at Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings
  • Give them as gifts to Activity Days girls
  • Assemble them at an Activity Days event

Encourage your girls to fill up their notebooks with quotations, scriptures, lesson notes and drawings.Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!

Making these Be the Light Notebooks is easy, too, and the download includes a supply list and instructions. All you need is white card stock, a color printer and supplies for your preferred binding method. Optional supplies: transparency sheets (for front and back covers) and a piece of chipboard for reinforcement of the back cover.Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!

Each notebook is the size of a quarter page or about 5 1/2 by 4 1/4-inches. I’ve designed a Be the Light cover and fourteen unique pages. Here are images for the cover and a few pages:Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!

Also included is a bonus 2016 Mutual Theme page, which I use as the back cover.Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!

If you don’t want to use the 2016 Mutual Theme page for the back cover, select one of the other pages to use, or have no back cover at all.Be the Light Notebooks. FREE download! Perfect for Young Women and Activity Days!

I printed my notebook on white card stock using my printer’s highest-quality setting and then cut the pages apart using my paper cutter. Each notebook takes four sheets of card stock (there are four pages per sheet).

To protect the front and back covers, I also cut up a sheet of transparency paper and made clear covers for them, but this is totally optional. And, to add a little strength, I used my slice-style paper cutter to size a 6×6-inch piece of chipboard to size and glued it to the back cover before binding. This step is also optional.

I bound my notebook using my Zutter Bind It All and owire, but you can use almost any binding method you want including heavy-duty staples, hole punch and rings/ribbons or Cerlox.

I’m pretty excited with how this project turned out!

Be the Light Poster Pack

Don’t forget to check out all my Be the Light coordinates available in my Etsy shop, too! Including this Be the Light Poster Pack:Be the Light Poster Pack: 14 different Be the Light quotes.

It includes 14 different 8×10-inch posters featuring different quotes relating to the Be the Light theme. Here are a couple of my favorites:Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. Albus Dumbledore.If you want to give light to others you have to glow yourself. President Thomas S. Monson.



Be the Light Notebooks: FREE download! Perfect for Young Women or Activity Days! You can download my Be the Light Notebook here.

All of my downloads are for noncommercial personal or Church use only.

Please read and follow my terms of use.

Please don’t share my downloads. Send your friends here to download their own.

You will need to UNZIP the download before you can access the files.

I’ve got more in store for you during my Etsy Shop Grand Opening Celebration, so don’t miss the next posts! Don’t forget to enter the contest, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe via email to this blog (link in the right-hand column) and follow on Facebook!




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