Arise and Shine Forth: New Beginnings Invite

Even though it is the middle of November, we’re planning our New Beginnings evening for the young women in our ward now because January will be here before we know it.  And this year, we’re using the 2012 Mutual theme, Arise and Shine Forth, as our inspiration. We plan on using a chandelier theme as I explained in this previous post and I’ve used my 2012 Mutual theme logos to create an elegant New Beginnings invitation, which I am providing for you to download.

To create your own invitations with my download is easy and inexpensive!  Here’s how:

1. Download and unzip the file.

2. Open up the .jpeg file in any photo-editing program like Photoshop Elements or Photoshop–use it like any photo file.

3.  Add your text to the invitation.  Make sure your text color is white so it will show up on the black background.  DO NOT put any text within 1/4-to-1/2-inch of the edges of the invitation.  Sometimes things get cut off when they’re printed.

4.  Save your file as a very high-quality .jpeg file.  If you don’t save it this way, it won’t print out very well.

5.  Upload the image to your favorite photo processor and have it printed as a 4-by-6-inch photo.  I love to use Shutterfly or Costco.  When uploading, make sure to turn off the “vivid pics” option.  Photo processors often give the photos they print a little color boost and this could change the color of your invite a bit.  I prefer making a test print–uploading the photo and ordering just one.  Then,  I pick up the print and if I am satisfied with the colors and look, I order more.

6. If you don’t want to upload your invite, you can save your file to a jump drive and take it in to your favorite photo-processing store or print your invites at home on your printer as well.  If you are printing at home, use photo paper and your highest-quality print setting for best results.

Some New Beginnings Ideas

After brainstorming a bit, our YW presidency came up with some great decorating ideas to use for our New Beginnings this year.

  • Glass vases of twigs painted white and hung with crystal Christmas tree ornaments tied with blue ribbons.  (I got mine at Tai Pan Trading in Sandy, Utah.)
  • Pale blue table cloths topped with white fabric or table cloths.
  • A large poster of this year’s 2012 Mutual theme logo (which I will post soon for you to download).  After New Beginnings, we’re going to hang it up in the YW room.
  • Large diamond-shaped crystals that dangle from blue ribbons as gifts for each girl.  These will also be hung from the branches in the vases and the girls will be encouraged to hang them in their cars, at their windows, etc.
  • Vanilla cupcakes topped with white frosting and edible glitter or clear sugar crystals.  Blue ribbons can be tied around each cupcake.

I’m sure you have amazing ideas as well!  Please feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions here in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this additional 2012 Mutual Theme project.  And watch this blog for more:  I’m making a 2012 calendar, poster, binder cover, program cover, candy bar wrapper and birthday card for you, too!

Download the 2012 Mutual Theme New Beginnings Invite here.

If you want to use the same font for your information that I used in my word art, you can get it for FREE here.

REMEMBER:  Please don’t share these files with your friends.  Simply direct them here to get their own downloads 🙂

11 thoughts on “Arise and Shine Forth: New Beginnings Invite

  1. I love this idea! I’m actually in a portuguese speaking ward and was wondering how difficult it would be to get this invitation in portuguese. The theme is “Erguei-vos e Brilhai”. I don’t know if you have a version without the theme written on it or if you could change it easily. Thanks! Heather

    1. Heather,
      I can easily make one in Portuguese for you! I will post it soon as well as a version without the theme so anyone can add the theme in their own language!

    2. Heather,
      I’ve just posted the New Beginnings invite in Portuguese (let me know if I misspelled something 🙂 ) as well as a blank version in four colors to match my calendars. Enjoy!

      1. Wow! Thank you! I never imagined you’d respond so quickly! I can’t wait to see how these turn out!

  2. I absolutely love your stuff. Thanks for so generously sharing. I am using a lot of it and it is all so good! You are very inspired.

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