2018 Mutual Theme: Peace in Christ [FREE Posters!]

The Church has announced that next year’s Mutual Theme will be:

“Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.” Doctrine & Covenants 19:23

I love how this scripture helps us seek peace in Jesus Christ by following Him. Continue reading “2018 Mutual Theme: Peace in Christ [FREE Posters!]”

Young Womanhood Recognition Certificates (Ward & Stake)

Young Womanhood Recognition certificate (ward & stake versions). Editable PDF & jpeg files. Use when you want to additionaly honor YW who complete their Personal Progress. Free download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.

A sweet blog reader from California asked me if I could make a Young Womanhood Recognition (YW medallion) certificate for her stake. She wanted something in addition to the standard Church certificate so her stake YW presidency could honor girls who completed their Personal Progress at a special stake YW event. To help her, I created an 8.5×11-inch document similar to my Honor Bee Certificate with spaces for both the stake president’s and the stake YW president’s signatures as well as another certificate that is a ward version, with spaces for bishop’s and ward young women’s president’s signatures. Continue reading “Young Womanhood Recognition Certificates (Ward & Stake)”

Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places? Preview and Bonus Seal for You!

Stand in Holy Places seal I’ve got some great news and you’re going to want to stop by tomorrow because I’ve got some highly requested downloads for you! I have been amazed at the popularity of my Who Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness Young Women in Excellence/New Beginnings printables. Thank You! Thank You! And, many of you contacted me to see if I could alter them to fit the new 2013 Mutual Theme, Stand Ye in Holy Places. Well, I did 🙂 And, tomorrow I will post all of my Who Is Ready to Stand printables (invitations, posters, program cover, name cards and tags PLUS an additional coordinating surprise printable) with an all-new logo designed to go with the new theme. Continue reading “Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places? Preview and Bonus Seal for You!”

Young Women’s Manual 1 Lesson 26: Testimony Poster and Seed Packet Handout

For a recent Beehive Class lesson, I taught our girls from YW Manual 1, Lesson 26: Testimony. To go along with this lesson, I made my own poster (as directed in the lesson plan) and a seed packet handout to give the girls. Both projects helped to reinforce the idea that a testimony starts small and grows bigger as you nourish it, just like a seed (See Alma 32:28). Continue reading “Young Women’s Manual 1 Lesson 26: Testimony Poster and Seed Packet Handout”

Arise and Shine Forth 16×20-inch Posters: Blank and in YW Value Colors

Another wonderful reader asked if I could make her some 16-by-20-inch posters in the YW Value colors.  She is going to add her own text to them and use them throughout the year.  What a great idea!  I want to share these posters with you, too!  I’ve created eight high-quality 16-by-20-inch posters in each of the following colors:  gray (Faith), blue (Divine Nature), red (Individual Worth), green (Knowledge), orange (Choice and Accountability), yellow (Good Works), purple (Integrity) and gold (Virtue).  Each poster has the chandelier and black bottom border as well as a unique damask background.  Besides using these for YW Personal Progress/Values, they would be perfect for creating large posters for adding Girls Camp photos, featuring your YW Recognition Award-earning girls for Young Women in Excellence, making signs for women’s conference workshops or announcing Relief Society activities and other Church-related events.  Use them for birthday parties, bridal showers or baby showers, too!

To customize these posters, you will need a photo-editing program like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro or Gimp or other similar software.  Simply open the .jpeg file you want to use and add text, photos and graphics as you desire.  Be sure to save your changes as a high-quality .jpeg file for best printing results.  I love uploading my 16-by-20-inch posters to Costco.com for printing! Be sure to use their high-resolution upload option, not their fast upload.

Because of the large file size of each posters, I’ve zipped them into two separate downloads.

To get the full eight-poster set, you will need to download BOTH files. 

Also, these are huge files and they may take some time to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

Download Part 1 here.

Download Part 2 here.

Remember, please do not share these files! 

Send your friends here to download their own copies. 

These files are for non-commercial, personal and Church use only!

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Happy Birthday! Arise and Shine Forth Birthday Cards

To help the Young Women in our ward celebrate their birthdays this year, we’re giving them a handmade bracelet designed to fit with the Arise and Shine Forth Mutual theme. Each bracelet will be presented to the girls in a small gift bag with a custom-designed birthday card slipped inside.  Our YW president asked me to make the cards using my 2012 Mutual theme logos and I thought I would share them with you.

The cards measure 3 3/4-by-2 1/2-inches when folded and have the chandelier logo on the front and the full 2012 Mutual theme scripture on the back.  My .pdf file lets you print four cards per page.

You can add your own greeting or message on the inside of the cards after you print and cut them out, OR, you can print one of two messages I’ve included in the .pdf inside.

If you choose to use one of my greetings, you will need to print on the back of your printed sheet of cards.

Here’s how:

  1. Print out the page of the .pdf with the outsides of the cards on it (page 2). (Make sure you ONLY print page 2.  Click on the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar.  Check the circle next to pages and enter the number 2 in the box under print range in the print dialog pop-up.)
  2. Re-insert the printed pages back into your printer, making sure that the blank side will be printed on.  (You may need to do a few test prints to figure out how to put the paper back in so that the inside messages are printed in the right places on the right side of the paper.  I always do this using the lowest-quality setting so that I don’t waste ink.)
  3. Once you’ve re-inserted the pages, print the page of the .pdf with your chosen message. (Page 3 has the “Keep on Shining!” message; Page 4 has the “We love you!” message.) Click on the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar. Check the circle next to pages and enter the page number you want to print in the box under print range in the print dialog pop-up.
  4. Cut and fold the cards.

What are you giving your Young Women this year for their birthdays?  We all need ideas, so please leave a comment and/or link!

You can download my birthday card file here.

You will need to unzip the download before you can use it.

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Another Request, Another Arise and Shine Forth Printable for You: 1.55-ounce Candy Bar Wrapper

A wonderful reader asked for a candy-bar wrapper to fit the standard (1.55-ounce) Hershey’s Chocolate bar–and so I put one together for her.  I’m excited to share it with you, too!  This wrapper is perfect to give to your girls for New Beginnings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gifts, Young Women in Excellence, gift baskets or just because and fits the budget-friendly 1.55-ounce Hershey’s Bar.

The front features my Arise and Shine Forth chandelier logo and the back has the full 2012 Mutual theme as well as an “ingredients list,” a “nutrition facts” box and a “bar code” all enhanced with YW details, scriptures and values.

I’ve saved my files for you in a handy .pdf and as a high-quality .jpeg. I’d love to hear how you use these–just leave a comment!

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You can download my Arise and Shine Forth 1.55-ounce candy-bar wrapper here.

You will need to unzip the download before using it.

Please do not share my files! 

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Arise and Shine Forth Posters: Pink, Green and Yellow

My next download for you is another reader request.  She asked for the posters to be done with the pink, green and yellow backgrounds that I used for the calendars so she can put them on eight-by-ten-inch canvases as gifts for her girls.  What a great idea!  Not only did I redo the eight-by-ten-inch posters with the new backgrounds, I also did the 8-by-10.5-inch, 11-by-17-inch and 16-by-20-inch posters, too!  In each download, you’ll get high-quality .jpegs of the 8-by-10, 8-by-10.5, 11-by-17 and 16-by-20 -inch files as well as a .pdf of the 8-by-10.5-inch file which is perfect for binder covers!

**NOTE:  Even though the previews don’t mention the .pdf file, it IS included in the download.

Remember, all my files are for non-commercial, personal or Church use only.

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Download the PINK files here.

Download the GREEN files here.

Download the YELLOW files here.

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As You Wish: Arise and Shine Forth Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

One of my wonderful blog visitors requested some candy bar wrappers to fit Hershey’s Miniatures.  What a great idea!  And so, here you go:

The download includes a .jpeg of an individual miniature candy bar wrapper as well as a .pdf of a full page of miniature candy bar wrappers, fifteen in all.

You can download the files here.

(Don’t forget, you will need to unzip the download before you can use it.)

And, as always, please don’t share my files with others. 

Simply send them here to download their own copies.

All files are for non-commercial, personal and Church use only.

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Oops: Arise and Shine Forth Calendars 1 February Fixed

A wonderful visitor to this blog pointed out a mistake on the February 2012 calendar–I left off February 29!  Oops!  I am so glad she let me know so I could fix this problem!  I’ve fixed February and the downloads are all updated.  In case you just want to download the corrected February files, you can get them here.  Thanks again!