Young Womanhood Recognition Certificates (Ward & Stake)

Young Womanhood Recognition certificate (ward & stake versions). Editable PDF & jpeg files. Use when you want to additionaly honor YW who complete their Personal Progress. Free download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.

A sweet blog reader from California asked me if I could make a Young Womanhood Recognition (YW medallion) certificate for her stake. She wanted something in addition to the standard Church certificate so her stake YW presidency could honor girls who completed their Personal Progress at a special stake YW event. To help her, I created an 8.5×11-inch document similar to my Honor Bee Certificate with spaces for both the stake president’s and the stake YW president’s signatures as well as another certificate that is a ward version, with spaces for bishop’s and ward young women’s president’s signatures. Continue reading “Young Womanhood Recognition Certificates (Ward & Stake)”