YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack + Free Download

Need a fun and informative activity for your Children and Youth program? How about an etiquette dinner? Do you remember attending one as a youth? Holding an etiquette dinner is a really fun way for your young women and young men to practice manners, but….it can be intimidating and a lot of work.

With my new YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack, all the hard stuff is done for you! From planning, menu suggestions, invitations and posters, to a program script (packed with manners tips in a fun interactive structure) and thank you cards, you’ll find everything you need to pull off a successful manners dinner. No etiquette expertise required!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the link to download my FREE YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Sample Pack.

After my friend, Denise, and I were asked to put together two of these dinners for the youth in our ward, we came up with the basic structure and script for an etiquette dinner activity that the youth loved! Knowing how complicated putting on one of these activities can be, I used our experiences and ideas to create an etiquette dinner event pack for you. 

YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack

Find my YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack in my Etsy shop. Scroll down for a free sample pack!

Here’s what you get:

  • Invitations and Event Posters: 5×7 invitations & 8×10 event poster (editable PDFs) plus 16×20 poster (JPEG)
  • Welcome Poster: Welcome your guests to the activity with this beautiful, customizeable 8×10 poster. (Editable PDF)
  • Program Script: 14-page script that takes your event from greetings and table setting through salad, main dish and dessert courses, to thank you cards. Meal service timing and lots of etiquette tips and questions included. Designed for two host(s)/hostess(es), but easily adaptable to one or more than two.
  • Planning Sheet: Step-by-step planning sheet covering every aspect of this activity (editable PDF)
  • Menu Suggestions: A list of inexpensive, easy-to-prepare foods that teach manners in a delicious way (PDF)
  • Menus: Type your menu on these beautiful menu cards for your guests (editable PDF)
  • Decor and Event Ideas: All the details from simple decor to event set-up and more you need to hold your own dinner (PDF)
  • Place Setting Diagram: Beautifully illustrates a casual dinner place setting (PDF)
  • Question Cards & Answer Paddles: Throughout the activity, as directed in the script, the youth are asked to read an etiquette question from the question cards and then select the best answer choice. Each table shares their selection with the answer paddles. A fun and interactive way to teach etiquette! Bonus: Blank question cards for creating your own questions and answers. (PDFs & editable PDF)

Thank You Cards: For all guests to sign and give to everyone who helped with the activity (editable PDF)Purchase my YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack in my Etsy Shop.

Free Sample Pack

Just need the basics? Check out this free download!

You will need to add your info to the invite and poster using your own software (Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements recommended). Instructions and links to fonts included.

  • 5×7 Invite (JPEG)
  • 8×10 Poster (JPEG)
  • Place Setting Diagram (PDF)

Use the invitation and poster to get the word out and use your own ideas for the rest of the activity!

Click here to download my YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Sample Pack.

Please do not share my files–send your friends here to my blog to download their own copies.

You will need to UNZIP the download before you can access the files.

All of my files are for noncommercial personal or Church use only.

Please read and follow my Terms of Use.

I’m excited for 2019! Watch for printables coming soon!


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