YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack + Free Download

Need a fun and informative activity for your Children and Youth program? How about an etiquette dinner? Do you remember attending one as a youth? Holding an etiquette dinner is a really fun way for your young women and young men to practice manners, but….it can be intimidating and a lot of work.

With my new YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Pack, all the hard stuff is done for you! From planning, menu suggestions, invitations and posters, to a program script (packed with manners tips in a fun interactive structure) and thank you cards, you’ll find everything you need to pull off a successful manners dinner. No etiquette expertise required!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the link to download my FREE YW & YM Etiquette Dinner Event Sample Pack.

After my friend, Denise, and I were asked to put together two of these dinners for the youth in our ward, we came up with the basic structure and script for an etiquette dinner activity that the youth loved! Knowing how complicated putting on one of these activities can be, I used our experiences and ideas to create an etiquette dinner event pack for you. 

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