Focus on Your Innergram [New Beginnings, YWIE, Girls Camp, Youth Conference]

Focus on Your Innergram: New Beginnings, YWIE, Girls Camp, Youth Conf. Tons of FREE Printables!Feburary 2018 NOTE: Focus on Your Innergram has been updated and expanded. Check out a new freebie pack here and purchase the event pack in my Etsy shop!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a series of printables I created for our ward’s New Beginnings this year. We wanted to use social media as a springboard for our theme and came up with Focus on Your Innergram: Come Unto Christ, incorporating the 2014 Mutual Theme.

This theme encourages our Young Women to pay attention to their innergrams (their inner-selves) and their relationship with Christ. All of my printables come in both blank and 2014 Mutual Theme versions so you can adapt them to any scripture or theme you desire.

Playing off of the popular Instagram App, I designed invitations, posters, program covers, clip art, logos, handouts, decorations and wrote a skit. (I used this project as one of my Personal Progress Projects!) Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing with you all of my printables and ideas centered around this theme. Continue reading “Focus on Your Innergram [New Beginnings, YWIE, Girls Camp, Youth Conference]”

Personal Progress Coordinates [Bonus Calendar Covers]

2014 Personal Progress Calendar Bonus Covers. Now you can adapt this project for Activity Days, Relief Society and more!Here is one more download that goes with my 2014 Personal Progress Calendar. I’ve often had requests to make these calendars for Activity Days or Relief Society. Instead of creating a whole new project, I’ve created some new bonus calendar covers which, when combined with the bonus blank pages already included in the 2014 Personal Progress Calendar download, make it easy to adapt the calendars for Activity Days, Relief Society or individual use.

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Personal Progress Calendar Coordinates [Logos]

Free download: Logos for New Beginnings and YWIE. This blog also has matching Personal Progress calendar, program covers and invites.

My very popular 2014 Personal Progress Calendar inspired me to create some coordinating printables. In case you missed them, I’ve already posted matching 4×6 and 5×7-inch Photo Invitations and Program Covers. I’m thrilled to add logos to the collection!

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Personal Progress Calendar Coordinates [Program Covers]

Free download! Program covers for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence and more! Blank option included. Editable PDF files!
Mock-up of the Young Women in Excellence version with flowered background. The editable PDF has text fields for your ward name and event on the front and a text field for a scripture or theme on the back. I put the 2014 Mutual Theme there as an illustration, but you can put anything (or nothing) there.

Yesterday, I posted my Personal Progress Calendar Coordinates Invites which go with my 2014 Personal Progress Calendar. Today, I’d like to present my matching program covers!

Use one of these program covers for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, or any other occasion–I’ve included blank versions as well as those for YW events. Each program cover (NB, YWIE or blank) comes in three different backgrounds: black, striped or flowered.

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2014 Mutual Theme YW/YM Candy Bar Wrappers [1.55-ounce Hershey’s]

2014 Come Unto Christ Mutual Theme YW/YM Candy Bar Wrappers for 1.55-ounce Hershey's bars. Free download!

Earlier this week I gave you my 2014 Come Unto Christ YW/YM candy-bar wrappers for the giant 6.8-ounce Symphony/Hershey’s bars. Today I have corresponding 2014 Mutual Theme candy-bar wrappers for the smaller, standard 1.55-ounce-sized Hershey’s bars. Continue reading “2014 Mutual Theme YW/YM Candy Bar Wrappers [1.55-ounce Hershey’s]”

Your Happily Ever After: New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Activity Days

Your Happily Ever After: Free printables for Young Women in Excellence, New Beginnings or Activity Days. Inlcudes storybook invitation, logos, program cover and photo cards. From Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. Looking for an idea for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence or even Activity Days? Here’s an idea that we used for New Beginnings this year. We created a beautiful evening centered around Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk and book (get the ebook for free right now for Kindle!) Your Happily Ever After.

I love this talk and its message is perfect to share with young women and girls. Not only would this theme work for Young Women activities, but it would make a great Activity Days Mom and Me or Recognition activity.

I am excited to share with you the printables I made for this event including a storybook invitation, program cover, logos and photo cards. You can download them at the bottom of this article. Continue reading “Your Happily Ever After: New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Activity Days”

Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places: New Beginnings & YWIE

Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places?

My much-requested owl printables updated with the 2013 Mutual Theme are here! Many readers asked that I change my Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness printables so they could use them for their upcoming 2013 events. Featuring ever-popular owls, this adorable theme is perfect for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, girls camp or Activity Days. With the help of my printable program covers, name plates, tags, invitations and posters, you’ll be able to craft an event your girls will love!

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Young Women in Excellence: Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness?

We’re gearing up for our ward’s Young Women in Excellence and I thought I’d share with you what we’re doing and some coordinating printables I’ve created. Our theme this year is “Whooo is ready to stand for truth and righteousness?” and we’re using owls to tie it all together.  Our fabulous YW President, Shauna, got the idea from a friend and we’re giving it our own spin. This idea and my printables are easily adaptable to New Beginnings, Girls Camp and other Young Women activities as well as for Activity Days recognition events. Continue reading “Young Women in Excellence: Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness?”

Arise and Shine Forth Program (Cover & Inside): Interactive .pdf for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, etc.

Here’s another reader request: an Arise and Shine Forth program cover and inside for you!  I’ve created for you an interactive .pdf document which means you can add all your program information right in Adobe Reader!  And, all of your text will be in Euphorigenic, the font I’ve used for my logo.

Page one of the .pdf has a text field where you can enter the title of the meeting (New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, etc.) as well as your ward name.  The back features the 2012 Mutual Theme scripture.

Arise and Shine Forth Program (outside)

Page two of the .pdf (the inside of the program) has the chandelier logo as well as a text field where you can add the meeting title, your ward name and the date.  The second field is ready for you to add your speakers, prayers and other program information. Finally, I’ve added a third field inside the front cover where you can add announcements, song words or anything else you want!

Arise and Shine Forth Program (inside)

Once you’ve added your meeting details, print out page one.  Then, re-insert the paper in your printer and print out page two.  After you fold the printed programs, they’re ready to go!  So easy!

If you don’t have the FREE Adobe Reader program, download it from  I’ve also included high-quality .jpeg files of the inside and outside, so you can totally customize the program to fit your needs.

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Download my 2012 Arise and Shine Forth program .zip file here.

You will need to unzip it after downloading in order to use the files.

Remember, all of my files are for non-commercial, personal or Church use only!

DO NOT SHARE my files!  Send your friends here to download their own copies!

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Chandelier Invites: Blank and with 2012 Mutual Theme–All in Four Colors

I received a comment from Heather asking if I could do my New Beginnings Invite in Portuguese or create one without the logo in English so she could do her invites in own in her language.  I was thrilled to do the invite in Portuguese for Heather AND to offer you some variations on the original.

I’ve redesigned my invites with additional backgrounds to the original blue:  pink, green and yellow, which compliment my 2012 Mutual Theme calendars.  Plus, I’ve provided you with a download of my invite in all four colors without the 2012 theme–they are totally without text! Now, you can use these invitations for a whole lot of other occasions:  Young Women in Excellence, Activity Days, Relief Society activities, wedding showers, birthday parties–any occasion you want to create a four-by-six-inch photo-print invite!

Here’s how to customize my blank invitations:

  1. Open the .jpeg file in photo-editing software (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc.)
  2. Add your text.  Note:  If you want to put something on the black area of the invite, be sure you change your text color to white.
  3. Save your file as a high-quality .jpeg file.
  4. Upload your file to your favorite online photo processor.  I prefer or  If you use Costco, DO NOT use their quick uploader.  Go with the high-resolution upload, which will take longer, for best printing results.
  5. Order your invitations as four-by-six-inch photo prints.  (So inexpensive!)

You will love the quality of a photo-print invitation and your guests will be impressed, too!

Remember, all of my downloads are for non-commerical personal or Church use, only!

Please, don’t share my files with others.  Simply send them here to download their own.

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Download my 4-by-6-inch invites WITH 2012 Mutual Theme here.

Download my 4-by-6-inch BLANK invites here.

Download my 4-by-6-inch New Beginnings invite in Portuguese here.

(Please let me know if I misspelled something.)

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