New Beginnings 2012 Mutual Theme Ideas

I’ve had some questions about how we are going to apply my chandelier idea to this year’s Mutual Theme and to New Beginnings.

Briefly, here’s the idea behind my logos for this year’s theme:

  • When I saw this theme, I thought of lights and this triggered thoughts about the chandeliers in the temple–I love them! Chandeliers are full of light and beauty. It is amazing how the light from a simple light bulb can be turned into a celestial light source with the addition of crystals.  I think this relates to this year’s Mutual theme in this way:  Just like the crystals on a chandelier, if we shine our lights of testimony (following our baptismal covenants, missionary work, scripture reading, being an example), talents (of all kinds/personality traits,etc), attitude (endurance, faith, smiling, etc.) and love (service, caring for our fellowman, following Christ’s example, forgiving others), Heavenly Father can take our small efforts and make them glorious.  In addition, every crystal is beautiful on its own, is valued, and is given a purpose.  Similarly, each of us is loved by Heavenly Father, given specific gifts, life situations and a mission to accomplish.  We should strive to find our purpose and talents and then work to emulate the light of Jesus Christ.  When a group of crystals (or Church members, young women, etc.) are unified to create a chandelier (like a class of YW), their good and beauty is amplified, surely for the whole world to see!  This especially true when each girl uses her unique God-given gifts as He would have her do to bless others.

I also wanted to point you towards a wonderful song based on the 2012 theme:  “Arise and Shine Forth” by Jenny Phillips from her “Arise and Shine Forth” album.  You can purchase a download of the sheet music for a very, very small fee and then make as many copies as you need for personal or Church use.  We’re having all of our girls (nearly 50 of them!) sing it for New Beginnings and it sounds amazing!

Jenny also sells a beautiful CD full of music inspired by the theme and if you sign up for Jenny’s email list, you can get access to all of her free goodies, including a FREE download of a script you can use for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence.

Thanks for you support and for visiting my blog!