Personal Progress Calendar Coordinates [Program Covers]

Free download! Program covers for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence and more! Blank option included. Editable PDF files!
Mock-up of the Young Women in Excellence version with flowered background. The editable PDF has text fields for your ward name and event on the front and a text field for a scripture or theme on the back. I put the 2014 Mutual Theme there as an illustration, but you can put anything (or nothing) there.

Yesterday, I posted my Personal Progress Calendar Coordinates Invites which go with my 2014 Personal Progress Calendar. Today, I’d like to present my matching program covers!

Use one of these program covers for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, or any other occasion–I’ve included blank versions as well as those for YW events. Each program cover (NB, YWIE or blank) comes in three different backgrounds: black, striped or flowered.

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2014 Mutual Theme YW/YM Candy Bar Wrappers [6.8-ounce Giant Hershey’s/Symphony Bars]

Come Unto Christ 2014 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers. Free Download!Yes! They’re here! Introducing my much-requested 2014 Come Unto Christ candy-bar wrappers! These retro-inspired candy-bar wrappers fit the “giant” (6.8-ounce) Hershey’s/Symphony-sized candy bars. (Later this week I will be posting candy-bar wrappers for the standard 1.55-ounce Hershey’s bars.) Continue reading “2014 Mutual Theme YW/YM Candy Bar Wrappers [6.8-ounce Giant Hershey’s/Symphony Bars]”

2014 Personal Progress Calendar: It’s Here!

2014 Personal Progress Calendar. Great project for YW! FREE download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.You can find the 2016 Personal Progress Calendar here.

Here is a great way to motivate your Young Women to work on their Personal Progress throughout the year: a customized Personal Progress calendar!

I have redesigned and updated my Personal Progress calendar for 2014. These calendars make great YW Christmas or birthday gifts, handouts for Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings, or make a fun project for your girls to make at a Mutual activity.

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Your Happily Ever After: New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Activity Days

Your Happily Ever After: Free printables for Young Women in Excellence, New Beginnings or Activity Days. Inlcudes storybook invitation, logos, program cover and photo cards. From Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. Looking for an idea for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence or even Activity Days? Here’s an idea that we used for New Beginnings this year. We created a beautiful evening centered around Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk and book (get the ebook for free right now for Kindle!) Your Happily Ever After.

I love this talk and its message is perfect to share with young women and girls. Not only would this theme work for Young Women activities, but it would make a great Activity Days Mom and Me or Recognition activity.

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Personal Progress Honor Bee Certificate: Editable/Saveable PDF

One of Honor Bee Charmthe amazing girls in our ward has just completed her second Honor Bee! That is the award the girls can earn after they’ve earned their Young Womanhood Recognition award. Earning an Honor Bee is a great way for those girls who complete their Personal Progress quickly to stay engaged and who need something more to do.

Instructions for earning an Honor Bee are in the back of the Personal Progress book and consist of re-reading the Book of Mormon and performing 40 hours of service for others. The girls are encouraged to help other Young Women complete their Personal Progress.

Once an Honor Bee is earned, the young woman is presented with a bee charm to add to their medallion necklace. And, girls can earn as many Honor Bees as they want!

When our cute young woman let us know she had earned her Honor Bee, I went looking for an accompanying certificate to give her. Surprise! The Church does not have one! So, I made my own and share it with you.

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YW 2013 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrapper for 6.8-ounce Symphony & Hershey’s Bars

YW 2013 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrapper for 6.8 oz. (Giant) Symphony & Hershey's bars. Free download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. Perfect for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Girls Camp, handouts, birthday gifts and lessons.Here is a much-requested 2013 Mutual Theme printable for you! It is a candy bar wrapper for the 6.8-ounce Symphony and Hershey’s bars. These are the large ones that are labeled giant. It has all the same features of my other candy bar wrappers: the 2103 Mutual Theme, a scripture-filled ingredients list, Stand as a Witness 24-7 barcode and a nutrition facts box filled with Young Women’s Personal Progress Values.

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2013 Mutual Theme Note Cards {Customizable PDF}

2013 Mutual Theme Notecards. Customize with your own greeting in the editable PDF. From Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.  Here’s my next printable for you: Customizable note cards! We’re giving these to our girls with their birthday gifts, so I added the greeting Happy Birthday to the cards. But, I’ve put my note cards into an editable PDF file so you can add your own message to the black bar on the bottom of each card! From Congrats!, Thinking of You, Thank You and You’re Invited to Just a Note, you can customize these note cards to fit any occasion.

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Be Anxiously Engaged: Pollinate the World with the Pure Love of Christ [Handout and Poster]


hrotm_pollinate the world_handout_for web


One of my favorite talks from the October 2012 General Conference was “Be Anxiously Engaged” by Elder M. Russell Ballard. His talk about honeybees and doing good for others was wonderful! This week in our Beehive class, we reviewed this talk and discussed Elder Ballard’s important doctrine: even small, daily acts of kindness and service matter. Elder Ballard suggests that we pray each morning for opportunities to be of service and to remind my girls to follow this counsel, I made a little handout for them to keep in their rooms. It is visual reminder to them that no matter how small their contribution may seem, the good they do makes a difference–just as a single honeybee’s lifetime’s work of 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey matters to the whole hive.

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Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places: New Beginnings & YWIE

Who Is Ready to Stand in Holy Places?

My much-requested owl printables updated with the 2013 Mutual Theme are here! Many readers asked that I change my Whooo Is Ready to Stand for Truth and Righteousness printables so they could use them for their upcoming 2013 events. Featuring ever-popular owls, this adorable theme is perfect for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, girls camp or Activity Days. With the help of my printable program covers, name plates, tags, invitations and posters, you’ll be able to craft an event your girls will love!

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2013 YW/YM Mutual Theme Calendars {Interactive PDF}

NOTE: A blog reader found some mistakes in the interactive PDF in July and October. I’ve fixed them for you and the download has been updated. Thanks!

As requested, I’ve made a 2013 Young Women/Young Men Mutual Theme calendar for you. Featuring calendar pages for January 2013 through December 2013, each month includes this year’s Mutual theme and a sidebar space for you to add notes and additional information. Plus, I’ve added a special bonus for you: I’ve improved this calendar from last year’s version by taking a bit of extra time to make it easy for you to edit! Continue reading “2013 YW/YM Mutual Theme Calendars {Interactive PDF}”