Personal Progress Honor Bee Certificate: Editable/Saveable PDF

One of Honor Bee Charmthe amazing girls in our ward has just completed her second Honor Bee! That is the award the girls can earn after they’ve earned their Young Womanhood Recognition award. Earning an Honor Bee is a great way for those girls who complete their Personal Progress quickly to stay engaged and who need something more to do.

Instructions for earning an Honor Bee are in the back of the Personal Progress book and consist of re-reading the Book of Mormon and performing 40 hours of service for others. The girls are encouraged to help other Young Women complete their Personal Progress.

Once an Honor Bee is earned, the young woman is presented with a bee charm to add to their medallion necklace. And, girls can earn as many Honor Bees as they want!

When our cute young woman let us know she had earned her Honor Bee, I went looking for an accompanying certificate to give her. Surprise! The Church does not have one! So, I made my own and share it with you.

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