#Hallelujah 3×4-inch Pocket Scrapbooking Cards from Persnickety Prints [Free Download]

I work closely with my friend, Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper, and love how she inspires everyone to record their memories. No matter if you are a seasoned scrapbooker (digital or paper) or just a grandma writing down memories for future generations, memory-keeping is a wonderful way to share with those we love.

(And, if you don’t scrapbook, I’ve got some fun ways to use these cards. Keep reading!)

Today’s project fits perfectly with those sentiments and comes from one of my favorite online photo printing sites, Persnickety Prints!#hallelujah 3x4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints FREE download!

After you’ve inspired and taught your family with all the fabulous printables in the previous posts in this series (scroll down for links to them all), it’s time to document your Easter celebrations using these quick-and-easy 3×4-inch cards from Char of Persnickety Prints!

NOTE: This is the eighth post in my #hallelujah series celebrating Easter and the LDS Church’s #hallelujah Easter campaign. (Scroll down for links to the other posts in this series–you’ll find tons of great ideas and printables!)I was honored to be asked by Sugardoodle to participate with several other LDS bloggers in promoting this social media campaign.

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Here’s a list of all the posts in this series:

I am thrilled to invite you to participate with me by using these projects, sharing the Church’s Easter content, and posting and sharing photos on social media of how you utilize all these Easter projects and using the #hallelujah tag.

Easter Memory Keeping

#hallelujah 3x4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints FREE download!These adorable Easter-themed cards are perfect for scrapbooking about this year’s Easter celebrations. However, if scrapbooking is not your thing, here are a few more ways to use them:

  • Pass them out at Family Home Evening and have family members write Easter memories on the cards.
  • Bind them into a little booklet and have each family member write one Easter memory.
  • Pass them around your YW/Sunday School class for note-taking or to write their favorite Easter scripture. Have them share what they wrote
  • Write a note of encouragement for someone and tuck inside an Easter Basket or attach to a treat plate.
  • Staple to a bag of goodies and have your Activity Days girls anonymously deliver to someone in your neighborhood.
  • Print two copies of the cards. On one set, write scriptures about our Savior. On the other set, draw pictures that match the scriptures. Play the match game at Family Home Evening with the cards.
  • Decorate an envelope or package you send to a missionary or family member far away.
  • Jot a brief testimony on the front and write the link to one of the Church’s Easter videos on the back. Share with someone you know.

#hallelujah 3x4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints FREE download!No matter how you use these versatile little cards, you’ll be documenting Easter celebrations and memories. Wonderful!

And, don’t forget to post and share on social media how you use the cards using #hallelujah.#hallelujah 3x4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints FREE download!

I recommend you get them printed at Persnickety Prints. They do a fantastic job (I LOVE how they printed out all of my Instagram photos!).

No matter what you do with these little cards, take some time to share #hallelujah your testimony of the Savior this Easter season!#hallelujah 3x4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints FREE download!


You can download the 12 3×4 Easter Cards from Persnickety Prints here.

You will need to unzip the download before you can access the files.

Thanks so much for taking this Easter-inspired journey with me over the past few weeks. I hope all of the content and projects inspire you and bring the Spirit of Jesus Christ, his Atonement and Resurrection into your celebrations.

I’d love to see what you do with all of the #hallelujah printables and ideas. Please, post and share in the comments!

Happy Easter! #HALLELUJAH!




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