#Hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Project from Heidi Swapp (Free Download)

This is the second post in my series celebrating Easter and the LDS Church’s #hallelujah Easter campaign. (Scroll down to find links to all the posts in this series.) I was honored to be asked by Sugardoodle to participate with several other LDS bloggers in promoting this social media campaign. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing some fabulous Easter content with you from myself as well as some amazing bloggers including Heidi Swapp, Melissa Esplin, and My Computer Is My Canvas.

The goal of these posts will be to help you celebrate the Easter season and promote the Church’s special content. I am thrilled to invite you to participate with me!#Hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Project from Heidi Swapp (Free Download)

Today, I present this amazing Nesting Envelope Easter Project from Heidi Swapp!

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Now, for Heidi’s beautiful project. Here’s what she says:

…as I tried to choose one favorite Easter scripture, or message or quote… I realized that in order to capture the message of Easter, we have to zoom way out. I wanted to reach my teenage children, and also adult friends and family with this project… I wanted it to be beautiful and sophisticated, was well as poignant and simple.

I love Heidi’s idea and how interactive this project is!

Heidi Swapp Easter #hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Projext. FREE download.! Perfect for YW, YM, visiting teaching, FHE.I just love Heidi’s lettering and foil accents in this multi-faceted project.

Here’s the thinking behind Heidi’s design:

I decided to create 5 envelopes that would get progressively smaller, and tuck one inside the next, allowing the reader time to allow the story to unfold. By taking a moment to look up the scripture references, those words will do their job teaching.

Each envelope has a printed Easter phrase and scripture on the outside and the envelopes fold up and fit inside each other, from smallest to largest. So simple and yet so powerful!

Heidi’s project is perfect for your Young Women and Young Men. Either present them with the completed project as part of a special Easter lesson, or have them cut and assemble the envelopes and use as a Family Home Evening lesson or to add to an Easter gift to a friend.

This project is also perfect for Visiting Teaching or sharing with friends and family!

The envelopes are so easy to assemble with simple supplies.HS_envelopesupplies-01

Just print, cut and glue the envelopes together and then slip one inside the other. Instructions are included in the download, along with PDF files for each of the envelopes.Heidi Swapp Easter #hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Projext. FREE download.! Perfect for YW, YM, visiting teaching, FHE.

You can download Heidi’s Nested Envelopes Easter Project below. And pop on by (or subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss out) over the next few weeks for more great Easter projects!

Heidi Swapp Easter #hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Projext. FREE download.! Perfect for YW, YM, visiting teaching, FHE.
You can download Heidi Swapp’s #hallelujah Nested Envelopes Easter Project here.

Please don’t share these files electronically. Send your friends here to download their own copies.

You will need to unzip the download before you can access the files.

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See you soon for more #hallelujah.




6 thoughts on “#Hallelujah Nested Envelope Easter Project from Heidi Swapp (Free Download)

  1. LOVE this project!! It’s SO beautiful, and exactly what I was looking for, for “grandma” Easter gifts to my older grandchildren!! Thanks SO much for your beautiful posts!

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