#Hallelujah Empty Tomb Cookies Recipe & Activity Guide

This is the third post in my #hallelujah series of Easter printables and projects (scroll down to find a list of all posts in this series).

In case you haven’t heard, the Church has planned a special Easter campaign featuring the #hallelujah hash tag. I was honored to be asked by Sugardoodle to participate with several other LDS bloggers in promoting this social media campaign. Over the next few weeks, I will share some fabulous Easter content with you from myself as well as some amazing bloggers including Heidi Swapp, Melissa Esplin, and My Computer Is My Canvas.

The goal of these posts will be to help you celebrate the Easter season and promote the Church’s special content. I am thrilled to invite you to participate with me by using social media to share images of you using the printables and your thoughts about Easter using the #hallelujah tag.

Here is my next printable in this series:#HALLELUJAH Empty Tomb Cookies Recipe and Activity Guide. FREE dowload! Inspire your family this Easter Season!

An inspiring family Easter activity: Empty Tomb Cookies

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Here is a list of all the posts in this series so far:

Many, many years ago, I received this recipe as part of a Family Home Evening kit. At the time, I had young children. (They grow up so fast! The photo below is of my three oldest children and was taken Easter 2005!)  Back then, I needed something concrete to help teach them about Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. This activity was perfect!#HALLELUJAH Empty Tomb Cookies Recipe and Activity Guide. FREE dowload! Inspire your family this Easter Season!

And, every year since then, my kids (now two young adults, a teen and a pre-teen) STILL request that we do this activity at Easter.

My favorite part of this activity is the actual making of the cookies. Each ingredient symbolizes an aspect of Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection and each step includes scripture references to read.

My children love the final couple of steps: putting the cookies in the oven, “sealing” it with masking tape and then letting them sit overnight. The resulting delicious, light meringue-like cookies are hollow inside, just like Christ’s empty tomb.

You don’t have to do this activity on the night before Easter. As a family, we’ve made them between Saturday General Conference sessions and “unsealed” the oven just before the Sunday Morning session.

Or, you could make them as part of a Family Home Evening lesson and enjoy the cookies for breakfast the next morning.

You don’t need fancy ingredients (sugar, salt, vinegar, pecans and eggs) or equipment (mixing bowl, wooden spoon/cooking mallet, cookie sheet, mixer, masking tape, oven) either, and with my printable PDF/JPEG files of the recipe and activity guide, you don’t need much prep time, either.#HALLELUJAH Empty Tomb Cookies Recipe and Activity Guide. FREE dowload! Inspire your family this Easter Season!

My easy-to-follow recipe and activity guide includes step-by-step instructions, including scriptures and symbolism for each ingredient. Simply open the PDF or JPEGs and print.

I am excited to share this activity with you and hope it brings the Spirit into your home this Easter season.

You can download the recipe and activity guide below. And pop on by (or follow this blog so you don’t miss out) over the next few weeks for more great Easter projects!

My next post will feature THREE projects by the talented Melissa Esplin!

Here’s a sneak peek of just one:#HALLELUJAH Easter Candy Box by Melissa Esplin. FREE download!

#HALLELUJAH Empty Tomb Cookies Recipe and Activity Guide. FREE dowload! Inspire your family this Easter Season!You can download my Empty Tomb Recipe & Activity Guide #hallelujah here.

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