#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects from Melissa Esplin (Free Downloads!)

You’re going to love today’s #hallelujah projects! There are THREE, yes THREE!, amazing Easter projects from inspiring artist, Melissa Esplin: Easter-basket challenge tags, a painted-egg goodie basket and a scripture card.

This is the fourth post in my series celebrating Easter and the LDS Church’s #hallelujah Easter campaign. (Scroll down to find links to all the posts in this series.) I was honored to be asked by Sugardoodle to participate with several other LDS bloggers in promoting this social media campaign. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing some fabulous Easter content with you from myself as well as some amazing bloggers including Heidi Swapp, Melissa Esplin, and My Computer Is My Canvas.

The goal of these posts will be to help you celebrate the Easter season and promote the Church’s special content.

I am thrilled to invite you to participate with me by using these projects, sharing the Church’s video, and posting and sharing photos on social media of how you utilize these projects and using the #hallelujah tag.

#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects by Melissa Esplin. Free Download!

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Here’s a list of all the posts in this series:

First up, check out her Easter Basket Challenge Tags:#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects by Melissa Esplin. Free Download!

Melissa’s tags are perfect for adding a spiritual touch to your family’s Easter-basket traditions by encouraging each family member to relate their basket’s contents to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

You could use them in conjunction with your Easter baskets, or create special Easter baskets with meaningful objects for a Family Home Evening or Church lesson. Here are some items and their possible meanings, which you can put into your baskets:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs (resurrection, rebirth, new life, the empty tomb)
  • Peeps: (rebirth, new life)
  • Candy: (the sweetness of being able to return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again, which was made possible through the Atonement.)
  • Hand Sanitizer/Soap/Cleansing Wipes: (our sins can be washed away through the blood of Christ, which He shed for us)
  • Bread: (the bread of the Sacrament, or Christ’s body)
  • Water Bottle: (the water of the Sacrament, or Christ’s blood, being washed clean)
  • Easter Grass: (growth. We grow as we seek Christ.)
  • Gold Chocolate Coins: (Christ willingly paid the price for us and we are now His.)
  • Bubbles: (the air inside the bubbles can represent the Spirit/Holy Ghost or the empty tomb)
  • Sidewalk chalk: (When we make mistakes we can erase them and repent because of Christ’s sacrifice for us.)
  • Life Savers or other ring-shaped candy: (The ring shape represents eternity and living with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever.)
  • Stuffed baby animals: (new life and rebirth)

Here’s Melissa’s second project, a painted-egg goodie basket, which also incorporates Easter symbolism.#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects by Melissa Esplin. Free Download!

Here’s what Melissa says about this project:

This design represents a hand-painted Easter Egg, a symbol for life. Each design element can be tied back to Christ:

  • Three stripes represent the godhead (1st Article of Faith)
  • Laurel leaves symbolize victory/royalty (Matthew 1)
  • Palm fronds symbolize Christ’s victory over death (John 12:13)
  • Scallops represent becoming fishers of men (Matthew 4:19)
  • Crosses symbolize Christ’s sacrifice on the cross

How fun it would be to give one of these goodie boxes to the sisters you visit teach, to your Activity Days girls, to your Young Women, Sunday School class, friends and neighbors!

And, now for Melissa’s final project, a gorgeous scripture card:#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects by Melissa Esplin. Free Download!

This exquisite scripture card is 5×7 inches, ready for framing, and features John 3:16.

These cards are great for sharing the message of Easter with those you love!

What amazing projects!

You can download all of Melissa’s Easter projects below and don’t forget to share on social media using the #halleujah tag.

And, pop on by (or subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss out) over the next few weeks for more great Easter projects!

#Hallelujah Three Easter Projects by Melissa Esplin. Free Download!You can download Melissa Esplin’s #hallelujah Three Easter Projects here.

These projects are for personal use only.

You will need to unzip the download before you can access the files.

See you soon for more #hallelujah.




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