Focus on Your Innergram: Updated, Expanded + Free 2018 Printables

Due to popular request, I’ve updated and expanded my Focus on Your Innergram printables and created some 2018 Mutual Theme freebies for you! Continue reading “Focus on Your Innergram: Updated, Expanded + Free 2018 Printables”

2018 Mutual Theme Logos: Peace in Christ

My 2018 Mutual Theme logos are here! I’ve got them for you in 35 different designs and three color variations. From Youth Conference t-shirts and posters to YW crafts and newsletters, these logos are a great way to share the Mutual Theme with the youth this year!
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2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page [Free Download]

I’m excited to share a gift with you from my talented friend, Sherilyn of HeART of Hopper:

a free download of her 2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page! [Which is also available for purchase in her Etsy shop.] Continue reading “2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page [Free Download]”

GROW: Nurturing the Divine Within: YWIE, New Beginnings, Girls Camp [FREE Sample Pack]

FREE sample pack including 2017 & 2018 Mutual Theme posters!

Looking for a new idea for Young Women in Excellence, New Beginnings or Girls Camp? Here it is! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the FREE sample pack download link. Continue reading “GROW: Nurturing the Divine Within: YWIE, New Beginnings, Girls Camp [FREE Sample Pack]”

Daughter of God YW Coloring Page [Free Download]

I am beyond excited to introduce you to the work of one of my favorite people, Sherilyn Hopper! She’s recently opened up her own Etsy shop, heART of Hopper, and has generously offered a special freebie to you, my amazing blog readers. [Woo hoo for freebies!] Continue reading “Daughter of God YW Coloring Page [Free Download]”

2017 Mutual Theme Circle Logos: Ask of God, Ask in Faith

Here is the next installment in my 2017 Mutual Theme collection of printables: Circle Logos! These simple logos invite youth to, “Ask of God, Ask in Faith.”  2017 Mutual Theme Double-Exposure Posters. James 1:5-6.

They come in six different designs, seven color variations and also with and without the full 2017 Mutual Theme Scripture:
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Be the Light: Sample Pack + Discounts & Prizes

Today I have a fantastic freebie for you! It includes designs based on my new Be the Light Girls Camp, Young Women in Excellence and poster packs (New Beginnings and more coming!) which are up for sale in my Etsy shop. Inside the sample pack you’ll find discount coupons, clip art, posters, 2016 Mutual Theme cards and instructions and prints for making Be the Light pendants!

be the light poster_8x10

Don’t miss a chance to win some awesome prizes, too. Enter below.

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Grand Opening Celebration + Girls Camp Pendant Craft [Contest & Discounts!]

I am over the moon today! I can’t wait to share with you my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, a chance to win prizes, coupon codes and discounts PLUS instructions for a fun, inexpensive and easy Girls Camp craft! I’m so excited, let’s get started! Hang a Ribbon on the Moon Etsy Shop Grand Opening. Enter to win prizes plus get discount codes!

First, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of my very own Hang a Ribbon on the Moon Etsy Shop! I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek. Continue reading “Grand Opening Celebration + Girls Camp Pendant Craft [Contest & Discounts!]”

YW Values Now: 25x38mm Rectangle Pendants [2016 Mutual Theme]

Here is the eleventh project in my series of printables in my YW Values Now collection, a suite of Personal Progress Values-inspired printables that celebrate the Values and encourage YW to incorporate them into their lives today.Young Women Values Now Collection: Newsletter Templates. FREE download! Editable PDF files in two versions and eight different color combos for a total of 16 files!

You can find my previous posts in this series here:

YW Values Now 25x38mm Pendant Prints! FREE download! Perfect for New Beginnings, YWIE, Camp, craft nights and more!
Photo Courtesy Stacy E.

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Today’s project comes from a suggestion from Stacy E., a wonderful blog reader! She purchased rectangle pendant trays and wondered if I could alter my Oval Press Forward design to fit. I was excited to help and pulled together some 25x38mm pendant prints for her. Continue reading “YW Values Now: 25x38mm Rectangle Pendants [2016 Mutual Theme]”

2016 Mutual Theme Photo Posters [Horizontal]

I’m excited to present my latest project for you featuring the 2016 Mutual Theme!2016 Mutual Theme Photo Posters (Horizontal Format) FIVE different high-quality photo posters in 20x16, 14x11, 10x8, 7x5 and 6x4-inch sizes. FREE DOWNLOAD! Perfect for New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence, Girls Camp, Youth Conference and more!

I’ve got FIVE horizontal-format photo posters featuring my 2016 Mutual Theme Logos! Continue reading “2016 Mutual Theme Photo Posters [Horizontal]”