2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page [Free Download]

I’m excited to share a gift with you from my talented friend, Sherilyn of HeART of Hopper:

a free download of her 2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page! [Which is also available for purchase in her Etsy shop.]

Love this freebie? Check out this previously posted free download by Sherilyn: Daughter of God Coloring Page.

Doodle Art by Sherilyn of heART of Hopper

My sweet friend Sherilyn loves to doodle and I can’t get enough of her hand-crafted style! When I saw her 2018 Mutual Theme poster, I quickly asked if I could share it with you all.  How thrilled I was when Sherilyn cheerfully agreed!

Want to see more of Sherilyn’s artwork? Check out a few of the adorable printables she has available in her heART of Hopper Etsy shop:

I adore this creative way to say, “I love you.”  Wouldn’t it be fun to color and frame for your favorite person!

This set of four cheerful cards (Thank You, Thinking of You, Happy Birthday and blank) is sure to brighten someone’s day!

Use this camp-themed doodle for invites, save-the-dates or even Girls Camp journal covers.

Sherilyn’s playful style will surely grab your girls’ attention. And, best of all, if you have a quotation, theme, scripture or saying you want made into a doodle for a special activity (think YWIE, New Beginnings, Girls Camp, Activity Days Recognition), Sherilyn takes special orders, too!

2018 Mutual Theme coloring page

And, now for the freebie! This coloring page is a fun way to introduce this year’s Mutual Theme to your Young Women.

  • Give them to your girls to color at an activity or during General Conference.
  • Print, color and frame for Christmas/birthday gifts.
  • Use as the cover of a journal or notebook.
  • Decorate for an activity or event with pages colored by each girl hung around the room.
  • Use as a tool to help the YW memorize this year’s theme.
  • Have teams of girls color and present framed pages to Camp, Stake or Bishopric leaders as gifts.
  • Print as a 16×20-inch sized poster and have girls color with markers for display at Girls Camp, at an event or in the YW room.


You can download the 2018 Mutual Theme Coloring Page from HeART of Hopper here.

Please read and follow the terms of use included in the download.

Love this download?  Don’t forget to check out Sherilyn’s shop.


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