Lively Blooms: A Year’s Worth of Relief Society Newsletter Templates + FREE Editable PDF Sample

Introducing my latest addition to the Lively Booms Collection: Editable Two-Page Relief Society Newsletter Templates!

Featuring my hand-drawn artwork, each of these easy-to-use templates makes sharing news and announcements with the sisters in your ward or stake fast and fun!

Today, I’ve got a year’s worth of Relief Society newsletter templates in my Etsy shop, each of the twelve monthly two-pagers with unique artwork, PLUS a free sample and a 20% OFF coupon for you to download right here! (You can use the sample for any month. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the download link for the coupon and sample.) Continue reading “Lively Blooms: A Year’s Worth of Relief Society Newsletter Templates + FREE Editable PDF Sample”

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack + Free Sample Pack

Ahhh… Spring! My favorite season! The sight of my daffodils and tulips peeking out of the ground this February inspired me to create my latest project, Lively Blooms Ministering Pack, available now in my Etsy Shop. The Lively Blooms collection is designed to celebrate the rebirth and joy of spring using seasonal, energetic colors and playful graphics.

Note: Scroll down to find the link to the free Lively Blooms Ministering Sample Pack I created for Camille at Chicken Scratch n Sniff.

Featuring 12 inspiring messages in several formats (animated GIF text messages, JPEG image text messages, note cards, gift tags and an idea sheet), this pack will enable you to encourage and support those you serve throughout the year and in a variety of circumstances. Continue reading “Lively Blooms Ministering Pack + Free Sample Pack”