Lively Blooms: A Year’s Worth of Relief Society Newsletter Templates + FREE Editable PDF Sample

Introducing my latest addition to the Lively Booms Collection: Editable Two-Page Relief Society Newsletter Templates!

Featuring my hand-drawn artwork, each of these easy-to-use templates makes sharing news and announcements with the sisters in your ward or stake fast and fun!

Today, I’ve got a year’s worth of Relief Society newsletter templates in my Etsy shop, each of the twelve monthly two-pagers with unique artwork, PLUS a free sample and a 20% OFF coupon for you to download right here! (You can use the sample for any month. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the download link for the coupon and sample.) Continue reading “Lively Blooms: A Year’s Worth of Relief Society Newsletter Templates + FREE Editable PDF Sample”

Relief Society Newsletter Template: Customizable PDF & JPEG

NOTE: Check out my NEW Editable PDF Relief Society Two-Page Template free download here.

Relief Society Newsletter Template: Easy-to-customize PDF with areas for ward, scripture, birthdays, etc. FREE download!A sweet blog reader asked if I could alter my 2014 Mutual Theme YW Newsletter Template so she could use it for Relief Society. I loved her idea and made a Relief Society Newsletter Template for her and all of you!

My Relief Society Newsletter Template has customizable areas for adding your ward/stake name and a scripture or theme (I used the Mutual Theme above, but you can type in anything) as well as four areas that can be used for lesson schedules, calendars, birthdays, spotlights, visiting teaching, activities, welcome or anything you want–customize the titles and text in each area to fit your needs.

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