Lively Blooms Ministering Pack + Free Sample Pack

Ahhh… Spring! My favorite season! The sight of my daffodils and tulips peeking out of the ground this February inspired me to create my latest project, Lively Blooms Ministering Pack, available now in my Etsy Shop. The Lively Blooms collection is designed to celebrate the rebirth and joy of spring using seasonal, energetic colors and playful graphics.

Note: Scroll down to find the link to the free Lively Blooms Ministering Sample Pack I created for Camille at Chicken Scratch n Sniff.

Featuring 12 inspiring messages in several formats (animated GIF text messages, JPEG image text messages, note cards, gift tags and an idea sheet), this pack will enable you to encourage and support those you serve throughout the year and in a variety of circumstances.

NOTE: Check out my other Lively Blooms collection designs:

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack

I’m most excited to share with you the ANIMATED GIF text messages I’ve created for this pack. (Scroll to down to the bottom of this post for a link to download a free sample pack!)

How fun it is to send and receive these joyful  animated GIF text messages! And my Lively Blooms Ministering Pack comes with 12 different ones! I especially love this one:

My Lively Blooms Ministering Pack is loaded with thoughtful messages like these for you to share. Here is the full list:

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack. 12 Uplifting Animated and Image Text Messages

  • Hang in There
  • Happy Birthday
  • Have a Great Day
  • You Are Important, Needed, Loved
  • Let’s Celebrate
  • Let’s Connect
  • Praying for You
  • Thank You Berry Much
  • Thinking of You
  • What’s Up?
  • With Love
  • You’ve Got This

Each message comes as an animated GIF text, an image JPEG text, a note card and a gift tag.

Plus, I’ve included an inspiring Ministering Idea List to help you brainstorm ways to minister physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially to those you are assigned.

Ministering Idea Sheet from Lively Blooms Ministering PackThe full versatile Lively Blooms Ministering Pack contains:

  • 12 animated text messages (GIF)
  • 12 image text messages (GIF)
  • 12 note cards (PDF)
  • 12 gift tags (PDF)
  • 1 ministering idea sheet (PDF)

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack. 12 Uplifting Animated and Image Text Messages

Scroll down for the link to a free sample pack!

How to Use This Pack

  • Text or email an encouraging message
  • Attach a tag to a bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate or small gift
  • Mail a note card to an individual
  • Brainstorm ideas with your companion for serving together

It is my hope that as you share these designs with those you serve in your ministering callings, they spark happiness, give encouragement and comfort, and inspire action.

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack Freebie @ Chicken Scratch n Sniff

Camille, my friend at Chicken Scratch n Sniff asked me to develop a Ministering freebie for her blog readers. Her site is PACKED with great Church-related ideas, links and freebies. Need a lesson help for Come Follow Me for families or Primary? Check out her blog. She’s got a lot more, too!

As part of her Ministering series, I put together a sample freebie of my Lively Blooms Ministering Pack.

The freebie  includes four designs (Thinking of You, Praying for You, With Love, and You Are Important, Needed, Loved) of the twelve designs in the full pack.  

The full free download includes:

  • Four animated text messages (GIF)
  • Four text messages (JPEG)
  • Four printable note cards (PDF)
  • Six tags (PDF)
  • One ministering idea sheet (PDF)
  • A 20% Off Coupon to my Etsy Shop

Lively Blooms Ministering Pack Freebie @ Chicken Scratch n Sniff

Pop on over to Camille’s blog, Chicken Scratch n Sniff to download the freebie pack by clicking here.



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