Font Favorites: Seven Free Script Fonts with a Retro-Vintage Flair

Here is installment two in my Font Favorites series.  Right now I’m working on our annual family newsletter to send with our Christmas cards.  This year, I want to use a vintage-inspired design scheme (think 1950’s) and, of course, 1950’s-style fonts.  As I searched the internet and my font collection for the perfect typeface for my newsletter greetings, I found seven wonderful vintage-style script fonts to share with you.  They make perfect retro titles and headlines.  Click on the previews or font names to go to their download pages.

 Lavenderia   This is a gorgeous font based on signs around San Francisco. Download for free–and why not offer a small donation if you love it, too!
 Advert   I love the just-painted, brush-stroke feel of this typeface.  
 Pacifico   Use this rounded retro font with great capital letters for eye-catching titles.  
 Marketing Script   Marketing Script reminds me of the old hand-painted painted signs found in grocery stores when I was younger.  
 Quigley Wiggly   The creator of this font found it on a toothpick wrapper and developed it further.  I enjoy its thick and thin lines.  
 Ballpark Weiner   Ballpark Weiner brings to mind old-style athletic jackets and t-shirt lettering.  
 Blessed Day   Look at those delicious capitals!  I love the eye-catching curves of this font.

What do you think of these fonts? Have you found other great retro script fonts? Share them with us in the comments!

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