Free Digital Scrapbooking Magazine: February DST Insider

I’ve been so  busy working on printables for you that I forgot to let you know the latest issue of the FREE DST Insider is ready for you to read! I love working with the DST Insider staff to bring you great up-to-date digital-scrapbooking content every month!

This FREE online digital-scrapbooking magazine is packed with tips, tutorials and articles to help you learn to scrapbook the digital way or to inspire you if you’re a paper scrapper.

February’s issue is all about words with articles ranging from some pretty cool software font tips and hybrid projects featuring monograms to journaling shortcuts and finding, installing and using fonts.  You’ll also find our inspiring regular features and this adorable free download from Wyld Web Design, too:

My favorite articles this month include:

From beginners to advanced digital scrapbookers, you’ll find some great information and inspiration within this month’s issue of the DST Insider.  And don’t miss the free kit download from Wyld Web Design here.

Next month’s Insider is shaping up to be amazing!  Watch for it around March 1!

Happy reading!

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Font Favorites: Seven Free Script Fonts with a Retro-Vintage Flair

Here is installment two in my Font Favorites series.  Right now I’m working on our annual family newsletter to send with our Christmas cards.  This year, I want to use a vintage-inspired design scheme (think 1950’s) and, of course, 1950’s-style fonts.  As I searched the internet and my font collection for the perfect typeface for my newsletter greetings, I found seven wonderful vintage-style script fonts to share with you.  They make perfect retro titles and headlines.  Click on the previews or font names to go to their download pages.

 Lavenderia   This is a gorgeous font based on signs around San Francisco. Download for free–and why not offer a small donation if you love it, too!
 Advert   I love the just-painted, brush-stroke feel of this typeface.  
 Pacifico   Use this rounded retro font with great capital letters for eye-catching titles.  
 Marketing Script   Marketing Script reminds me of the old hand-painted painted signs found in grocery stores when I was younger.  
 Quigley Wiggly   The creator of this font found it on a toothpick wrapper and developed it further.  I enjoy its thick and thin lines.  
 Ballpark Weiner   Ballpark Weiner brings to mind old-style athletic jackets and t-shirt lettering.  
 Blessed Day   Look at those delicious capitals!  I love the eye-catching curves of this font.

What do you think of these fonts? Have you found other great retro script fonts? Share them with us in the comments!

Font Favorites: I Love Fonts! Don’t You?

While browsing through my font collection the other day, I came to the realization that I LOVE fonts!  Okay, I already knew that, but I noticed that I have a LOT of fonts.  A LOT! In fact, I have so many that I have to use The Font Thing to organize all 11,000 of them.  The Font Thing is a free program you can use to view, organize and install/uninstall fonts on you computer.  Because Windows tends to bog down when you have more that 100 or so fonts installed, The Font Thing helps you easily find the font you want, install it when you need it and uninstall it when you don’t.

I want to create some custom word art for my Christmas cards this year and have been scouring my font collection and the internet for eye-catching fonts.  I thought you might be interested in some of my favorite font finds to use for your own projects.  So, here’s a few of my recent font loves (and you can download them all for FREE, too!

 Euphorigenic:  Fun and funky serif font; I used it for my 2012 Mutual theme word art.
   Jellyka Delicious Cake:  I just love all of Nerevan Jellyka’s hand-drawn fonts and this recent addition is no exception.
   Carnival Rimmed:  A fun vintage-style caps-only font that is perfect for subway-style art.
   Matilde:  Elegant and fun, this font is feminine and playful.  As a bonus, it comes with 212 extra symbols and glyphs plus some pretty frames and patterns.  To use the extras, you will need Adobe Illustrator.
   Ultra: A nice, chunky font for bold statements.

Not loving these fonts?  Don’t worry, you can feed your font addiction by browsing for FREE fonts on these sites:

Once you’ve downloaded some new fonts, unzip them and save them.  If you want them to be automatically installed when you open a program like Word or Photoshop, you will need to install them according to whatever operating system you use.  Windows users can find instructions here.

If you want to use The Font Thing to install fonts as you need them, create a “Fonts to Install” folder on your desktop and put your new fonts there.  Then, when you want to use them, run The Font Thing and select “browse.”  Navigate to your “Fonts to Install” folder and then install the fonts you want to use.

And, one final note.  BACK UP your fonts!  Save your Windows font folder and your other font files on a back-up drive, CD or other media.  In case of a computer problem, you want to have all of your fabulous fonts at your fingertips so you don’t have to search the web for them again.

Thanks for visiting the blog today!  Happy font hunting!