2017 Mutual Theme Calendars: Editable PDF & JPEG [Vertical]

Today, I have the second installment of my 2017 Mutual Theme calendars!
2017 Mutual Theme Calendars. Editable PDF. Free download!

At the end of this post, you can download the VERTICAL version of these calendars.  You can find the horizontal-format calendars here.

NOTE: The font size in the original editable PDFs was way to small. I’ve corrected this issue and fixed the files. Please re-download the calendars. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve created these calendars as editable PDF files and included JPEGS in the download as well. Each calendar features my “Ask of God, Ask in Faith” logo. Plus, I’ve included two bonus year-at-a-glance 2017 & 2018 calendar pages.

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