2015 Mutual Theme Glass Tile Necklaces

Here’s a fun project for your Young Women: 2015 Mutual Theme Glass Tile Necklaces!lds young women yw 2015 mutual theme embark necklaces

A sweet blog reader, Brittney, asked me if I could size my 2015 Mutual Theme Logos to fit inside some glass-tile necklaces she was making for her YW for New Beginnings. I was excited to help her with this project and am even more excited to share her finished project with you!

Aren’t they stunning! For less than $2 each, Brittney was able to make some really beautiful gifts for her girls.

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Here’s what Brittney says about her necklaces:

“Our New Beginnings was last night and all the YW loved their necklaces! I got my supplies and a tutorial for the necklaces. . . from Sun and Moon Crafts. [T]hey were great to work with. Their blog has lots of different supplies that are high-quality and at reasonable prices. They shipped in only a few days.

“This was my very first time doing a project like this! I made 40 necklaces (less than $2 each) for all our YW and YW Leaders.  It was fairly simple and I improved [my skills] the more I made.
I overlooked the need for the MICRO glaze [listed in the supplies list] and didn’t order it, but the pendants still turned out great! In the tutorial I used the regular glaze as a substitute for the MICRO glaze. I had the images printed at Office Max on photo paper AND 80# card stock (just for curiosity’s sake) and both worked fine and the ink didn’t bleed.”
For this Brittney’s project, I created 7/8” x 1.25” rectangles to fit in the blank pendant trays she got from Sun and Moon Crafts. I am sharing my necklace inserts with you and although Brittney wanted to use just my Serve Him logo, I’ve also got an Embark version for you, too.lds young women yw 2015 mutual theme embark necklaces
Each version comes in 20 DIFFERENT COLORS (including five watercolor versions) from pastels to brights.
My download includes ten 7/8″ x 1/25″ rectangles of each color and logo version in both PDF and 8×10-inch JPEG formats. The PDF also includes a supplies list and links plus a link to the instruction tutorial.hrotm_2015_glass tile necklaces_serve him-03
Here are some helpful links for this project:
Pendant trays and glass tiles ($0.50 for each tray, $0.30 for each tile)
Rolo 24-inch chains ($0.40 each)
I LOVE how Brittney’s necklaces turned out! And, even though I am not in YW anymore, I think I want to make one for myself!lds young women yw 2015 mutual theme embark necklaces
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5 thoughts on “2015 Mutual Theme Glass Tile Necklaces

  1. This is so great to see! Thank you for all your help Neisha! And I just LOVE the watercolor options! Really cute!

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