2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers [5 Sizes!]

Woo hoo! I’ve just finished making my 2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers and I’ve got FIVE, yes five, sizes for you!2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

Update 2/4/2015: The PDF for the Giant wrapper was the incorrect size. The updated PDF is included in the download now.

In my download, you’ll find wrappers that fit all of these candy bars:

  • 6.8-ounce [Giant] Hershey’s bars (Symphony, milk, Special Dark, etc.)
  • 4.25-ounce [XL] Hershey’s bars (Symphony, milk, Special Dark, etc.)
  • 1.66-ounce [standard] Hershey’s bars
  • Hershey’s Miniatures
  • Hershey’s Nuggets

UPDATE 1/17/2015: 1.55-ounce wrapper PDF corrected in the download. It was the wrong size.

2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

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Use these wrappers in lots of fun ways!

  • Young Women birthday gifts
  • New Beginnings/Young Women in Excellence handouts/favors
  • Girls camp pillow treats
  • Fireside treats
  • Attached to a YW event invitation
  • Personal Progress motivation gifts
  • Lesson/workshop handouts
  • YW Christmas gifts
  • Thank-you gifts for outgoing leaders/stake leadership

The front of the large wrappers (6.8, 4.25, 1.55-ounce) features the entire 2015 Mutual Theme. [You can find my coordinating logos here and matching calendars here.]2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

The back of the large wrappers has a unique Personal Progress inspired Nutrition Facts box, “Embark in the Service of God,” and some inspiring scriptures.2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

The small wrappers (miniatures, nuggets) feature my 2015 Embark in the Service of God logo. [You can find this and my other 2015 Mutual Theme logos here.]2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

The download includes PDF and JPEG files for all sizes of wrappers. The Hershey’s Miniatures file has 15 wrappers per page and the Hershey’s Nuggets file has 21 wrappers per page. All other sizes have one wrapper per page.2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

Note: For best results, print on your printer’s best-quality setting.2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers! FIVE sizes! Free download!

You can download my 2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers here.

You will need to UNZIP the download before you can access the files.

All of my downloads are for noncommercial personal or Church use only.

Please read and follow my Terms of Use.

DO NOT share these files in any way. Send your friends here to download their own copies.



21 thoughts on “2015 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrappers [5 Sizes!]

  1. Thank you so much for the candy bar wrappers! They are adorable. I have a question about the size of the 1.55 oz wrapper. I printed and cut it out, but it is a bit too big for the candy bar. There is an extra inch in the width so the “Nutrition Facts” section doesn’t line up. Was I supposed to re-size it before I printed it? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. these are great this year Neisha.. you did a great job as always.. I was released from YW or actually i will be this Sunday.. .we are going to use your candy bar wraps for NB again this year.. it will be just awesome.. they loved them soo much last year i know one of the girls ate her candy and saved the wrapper… i tried to imagine her as a young lady on her mission and she looks at that wrapper and thinks back on the day she joined YW.. it just is inspiring isn’t it??? ty for all you do Neisha…

  3. Hi Neisha, Thank you for sharing these – I LOVE the candy bar wrappers that you create each year! I give one to each of my Mia Maids on their birthday’s. I just printed the one for the 6.8 ounce size with the 2015 theme and it is too small and doesn’t fit around a giant candy bar. Is there something that I’m missing? Thank you!

    1. Hi Vickie!
      So sorry it took so long to answer this. I had a catastrophic hard drive failure and it’s taken a while to get up and running. The PDF file was incorrect for the 6.8-ounce wrapper. It’s fixed in the download now.

  4. I can’t wait to use these for stake camp!! I’m the head cook and the yw help with dishes. So this will be fun to give as a reward for helping. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You are so talented! Have you considered making a candy bar wrapper for each young women value? I’ve been looking for something that we could give our young women with their value ribbons. I just discovered your blog today because of your value awards (which are amazing!) Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful creations for free!

  5. Neisha Hello ! I deeply loved your idea, this is fantastic !! but I would suggest an opinion !! what do you think of doing in other languages ​​? such as Portuguese ? It would be perfect to use with YM

  6. I recently stumbled upon your website, I absolutely LOVE it! You are so talented and have great ideas! Are you planning on making the candy bar wrappers with the 2016 mutual theme?

      1. I was just wondering this myself! I found your awesome website just today looking for candy wrappers for our girls. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with everyone! Are you still planning on doing candy wrappers for the 2016 theme?

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