2013 Calendar Fixed

A wonderful blog reader, Melanie, found some mistakes with the 2013 Mutual Theme Calendar interactive PDF file: Some of the days in July and October had the wrong font and one of the sidebars also had a very large font. Thank you, Melanie! I have fixed the download with the updated interactive PDF file and hope these mistakes don’t cause any of you too much trouble. You can download the corrected PDF file here or in the original 2013 calendar post.

I am finalizing some more projects for you and should have them up soon. I’ve got some candy bar wrappers, fabric designs, posters and more. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

3 thoughts on “2013 Calendar Fixed

  1. Help! I downloaded the new attachment and it will not let me save all my work! It keeps telling me that the pdf disc is full. Can I only save a little at a time? I saved it once before I did 2 months and saved it. But now I have added things for the rest of the year and it tells me its full….

    1. That’s weird! I’ve entered in a whole year’s worth of events and not had a problem. I’ll have to look into it and get back to you.

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