Be Anxiously Engaged: Pollinate the World with the Pure Love of Christ [Handout and Poster]


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One of my favorite talks from the October 2012 General Conference was “Be Anxiously Engaged” by Elder M. Russell Ballard. His talk about honeybees and doing good for others was wonderful! This week in our Beehive class, we reviewed this talk and discussed Elder Ballard’s important doctrine: even small, daily acts of kindness and service matter. Elder Ballard suggests that we pray each morning for opportunities to be of service and to remind my girls to follow this counsel, I made a little handout for them to keep in their rooms. It is visual reminder to them that no matter how small their contribution may seem, the good they do makes a difference–just as a single honeybee’s lifetime’s work of 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey matters to the whole hive.

I’m sharing my handout and an 8.5×11-inch poster with you. You could use them in conjunction with a Sunday lesson on Elder Ballard’s talk, for a Mutual activity on kindness or for Relief Society/Activity Days lessons and events. This handout would even go well with a Personal Progress activity where the girls read conference talks. Maybe, you want to print the poster and frame it as a gift for someone. Whatever you choose to do with the download, I’m glad I could share Elder Ballard’s message with you!

The download includes jpeg files of the individual handout, poster and a full page with four handouts. It also includes a pdf file of the full page of handouts and the poster.

Be Anxiously Engaged: Pollinate the World with the Pure Love of Christ. Handout based on the 10/2012 talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard. Free download!

You can download my Pollinate the World Handout and Poster here.

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13 thoughts on “Be Anxiously Engaged: Pollinate the World with the Pure Love of Christ [Handout and Poster]

  1. Thank you for the wonderful handout and poster! It was perfect for my lesson in Relief Society! You are amazingly talented. 🙂

  2. Thank you!!! These are beautiful. I’m using them as a handout at Girls Camp this year with our bee theme. Thank you again!

  3. My husband is a new beekeeper, and I am attempting to decorate my kitchen with a bee theme. Your large print will be perfect for framing and hanging with the other decor. Thanks for sharing your abundant talents!

  4. It is so sweet reminder, I will put this picture in my mind, It reminds me to be-e like a bee. Thanks. I am glad that through Pinterest, Now I won’t miss your inspiration of everyday life.

  5. Thank you and much more. I am using the Bee’s for my Bee Hive class: All sizes …Front of their journals, Wall plaques and key chains. It will be (Bee) our message theme for this year. You are amazing.

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