YW Newsletter Template [Editable PDF: Including Mutual Theme]

Here’s another much-requested printable for you: my Young Women’s Newsletter Template!Young Women Newsletter Template. FREE download. Editable PDF.

And, I’ve updated it so that you can use it any year! My previous versions included the Mutual Theme in the header. Now, so that you can use the template year after year, I’ve added an editable field for the Mutual Theme. Continue reading “YW Newsletter Template [Editable PDF: Including Mutual Theme]”

2014 YW Newsletter Template: Editable/Saveable PDF

2014 Young Women Newsletter Template. Free download from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon! Editable/saveable PDF makes creating newsletters for your girls quick and easy.[NOTE: You can find an updated version of this newsletter template here.]

Many readers have requested that I update my 2013 YW Newsletter Template for the ucpoming year–and here it is!

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