Don’t miss these great digital-scrapping resources! The DST Insider and The Daily Digi’s Digital Scrapbooking Manual

I’m excited to share with you one of my ongoing projects, the Digishoptalk Insider. As assistant editor of this FREE digital-scrapbooking ezine, I get a lot of satisfaction putting it together each month with our great staff. The December issue is fresh off the presses and we’ve loaded it with inspiration and information centered around the theme of family.  Even if you’re not a digital scrapbooker, you can find some great ideas inside.

Pop on over and read these great articles:

Plus, we always have a small digital-scrapbook kit freebie for our readers!

My two favorite articles from this issue are some fantastic Photoshop tutorials by my friend Miss Behaving.  A few months ago I participated in Miss Behaving’s Fantasy-style Workshop and I learned sooo much. Can I say I was thrilled when she agreed to share her expertise with the DST Insider’s readers!  Don’t miss her tutorials on how to combine photos and switch faces .  As a bonus, in the next post I will show you how to apply her techniques in another way:  enhancing photos with selective coloring.

If you’re interested in taking one of Miss Behaving’s Photoshop/Photoshop Elements courses, use the coupon in the DST Insider for 15 percent off! The coupon code is on the December DST Insider table of contents page here and expires January 5, 2012.

Not sure about digital scrapbooking, but want to give it a try?  The Daily Digi just released this FREE ebook to get you started.  From collecting supplies to software to making your first layout, this useful book covers everything you need to know to go  digital. Take a peek at this ebook and give digital scrapbooking a try.  You might find yourself addicted to this hobby–I know I am!

It’s a Date! Creating Quick and Easy Calendars with Scripts in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements

Later this week I will post some calendars featuring the 2012 Mutual theme.  They’re not done yet, but I’m excited to share one of my favorite Photoshop tools with you–scripts!  I was introduced to Photoshop/Photoshop Elements scripts by one of my digital-scrapbooking friends, Anna Forrest.  Anna, an amazing scrapper and programmer, creates scripts for PS/PSE that make certain tasks, like generating calendars, a snap.

A script is a mini-program launched within Photoshop/Photoshop Elements that quickly does a repetitious or time-consuming task.  With a few clicks, the task is done and you go on designing.

I LOVE Anna’s Calendar Creator script!  In just seconds, I can build a calendar for any month and year I want and with the fonts I want.  Such a time saver!

Not sure about purchasing a script yet, but want to give one a try?  Anna’s blog, Anna Forrest Designs, has three FREE sample scripts for downloadPlease Note:  the Mini-Calendar Maker Trial Version  generates a very small 2010 calendar with a generic font, but is a great way to see how scripts work.  If you like it, you can contact Anna via Facebook to receive instructions on how to purchase the script.

Here’s how Anna’s calendar-maker script works:

  1. Purchase the calendar-maker script or download the sample script.
  2. Install the script following Anna’s installation instructions for your program (Photoshop or Photoshop Elements).
  3. Open Photoshop.
  4. Navigate to file>scripts and click on AFD Calendar Maker or mini calendar maker trial to run the script.
  5. Once the calendar-maker dialog box comes up, select the month, year, language, heading style, day week begins, paper size, save-to location, and fonts and sizes for the month headings, day headings and grid settings.  Click OK.
  6. Now, just wait.  That’s it!  The script may take a few minutes to run, but once it is done, you will have a full calendar page to use!
  7. Finally, use your creativity to build your calendar page. Customize it with digital-scrapbooking supplies, Photoshop patterns, clip art, etc.  Whatever you want!  Remember to save your file as you go.

Now, I hope you can see why I LOVE scripts for Photoshop!

I’m busily working on some Arise and Shine Forth 2012 calendar printables for you (using Anna’s script, of course!) and hope you enjoy getting a  little sneak peek of my project and the behind-the-scenes look at how I’m making them.

If you get a chance to try one of Anna’s scripts, leave a little note in the comments here and let me know what you think.

And, if you’re too intimidated by scripts, why not use these 2012 Calendar Brushes or 2012 Calendar Templates created by my friend, Wendy.