2019 Mutual Theme Calendars: Editable PDF & JPEG [Horizontal]

By popular request, I present my 2019 Mutual Theme calendars!

At the end of this post, you can download the HORIZONTAL version of these calendars.  

You can download the VERTICAL version here.

Download free coordinating 8×10 posters here.

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Today’s FREE download includes individual month editable PDF calendars that are perfect to email to other leaders, your girls and their parents. Simply type in your information using Adobe Reader and print or email. (More about using Adobe Reader to edit these calendars below.)

VERY IMPORTANT: Those receiving the calendars will need to have the most recent version of Adobe Reader to be able to view your edits in the PDF files.

A 12-month version is also included for easy planning!

BONUS: To help with future planning, I’ve included January, February, March and April 2020 calendar pages as well.

These calendars are so easy to use! The editable PDF files have text fields for each day of every month PLUS editable text fields for additional announcements, notes and more. Adding your own information to the editable PDF file is so fast and requires very little technical know how. Here’s what to do once you’ve downloaded and unzipped the free calendar files at the end of this post:

  1. Open the editable PDF file in Adobe Reader. (If you don’t already have this free program installed, download it here.)
  2. Click on the text field you want to edit.
  3. Type in your information. (NEW: To change the font, text size, color or alignment, highlight the text to be changed and click CTRL+E or CMD+E. If you want to indent something, you can’t use the TAB key – use the space bar instead.)
  4. Save and Print or Email!

Quick and easy!

If you want to customize these calendars even further, the download includes JPEG files of each month and the cover for you to edit in your own word-processing or photo-editing software.

Use these calendars to help your girls keep abreast of activities, birthdays and goals. Put a calendar on your YW bulletin board, hand them out or email them to parents or include them in a Stake YW newsletter. Or, use them to keep your own family life organized!

You can download my 2019 Mutual Theme Calendars (Horizontal Format) here.

Please read and follow my Terms of Use.

(You MAY print out/copy paper copies of these calendars to give out. You CAN share the PDF/Edited JPEG files electronically with those you serve in your callings. You MAY not share the electronic files with anyone else.)

Please DO NOT SHARE my files except as listed above and in my TOU! Send your friends here to download their own copies.

All of my files are for noncommercial personal or Church use only.

You will need to UNZIP the download before you can access the files.

Watch for more 2019 Mutual Theme printables soon!



2 thoughts on “2019 Mutual Theme Calendars: Editable PDF & JPEG [Horizontal]

  1. I can’t edit the text on either the vertical or horizontal calendars. Do I need to upgrate to Acrobat Pro?

    1. Hi Christine! I’ve checked and I can’t figure what is happening for you. I am sorry you can’t change the font. I am able to change the font in both Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro. You could try Acrobat Pro, if it isn’t too expensive. I wish I had a better answer 😦

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