2015 Logos Sneak Peek + Get BOTH Everyday Storyteller Books FREE!

Fall is a busy time for me, and I’ve been hard at work on my 2015 Mutual Theme Logos. They are almost done and I thought you’d like a little sneak peek! I also have a great opportunity for those of you who like to scrapbook.

For the past several years, it has been my pleasure to work with Jennifer Wilson of SimpleScrapper.com.  Jennifer offers inspiration, encouragement and information to anyone who loves to preserve memories–beginners to advanced, paper to digital and everyone in between.

For the next several days, Jennifer is offering an AMAZING offer to new paid subscribers to her site, SimpleScrapper.com. From October 8-October 14, 2014, every NEW MEMBER who subscribes gets BOTH Everyday Storyteller books for FREE!

Working as Copy Editor on these two inspiring scrapbooking idea books was a thrill for me and I am excited to share these two publications with my readers. No matter if you’re new to scrapbooking or a seasoned veteran, SimpleScrapper.com is a warm, welcoming and inspiring place to be!

Click here to learn more about these amazing books and then click on “Membership” to join SimpleScrapper.com.

And now, for those promised sneak peeks!

[I’ve now posted my 2015 Logos! You can find them here.]

A few days ago, I posted this one on my Facebook page:2015 Mutual Theme Logos Sneak Peek!

And here is another one just for my blog readers:2015 Mutual Theme Logos Sneak Peek!

I am so excited for these new logos! Don’t miss out when I post all my new 2015 goodies: logos, posters, calendars (Personal Progress and Mutual Theme), candy bar wrappers and more. Subscribe to my blog via email and be the first to know! The link to subscribe is in the right-hand column.

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