15 thoughts on “2013 Mutual Theme Logo Chalkboard Poster Now in 20×30-Inch Size!

  1. Thank YOU! love these. My January board will be a beautiful introduction of the new theme… thanks to you!
    way over here in California…not some tropical or distant land but I am way excited!

  2. Thank you – this is beautiful! However, I am having trouble downloading the file. When I click the download link I get an error saying there is too much public traffic in your Drop Box and it has been disabled 😦

  3. I can download the 20×30, but it doesn’t allow the printing of it. I even took it to a professional printing place and they couldn’t get it to print either. Any suggestions?

    1. One problem you might be having is that you haven’t unzipped the download first. (Right click on the file and select Extract All.) Let me know if you’re still having problems after unzipping the download and we’ll go from there 🙂

  4. First off, I love these!!! I am trying to send it to Costco to print. I have made sure to unzip it and everything just right but it keeps saying that the Resolution is off and it won’t print the 20X30 without having resolution problems. I printed some 5 X 7 without any problems so I don’t know if it’s the larger size, and yes I did download the larger size. Sorry to be a problem but I want it bad!!! 🙂 Thanks!

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